G&P Group Ltd

G&P has unrivalled experience and success in implementing quality management services for manufacturing and components industries. Available individually, in combination or as a complete package depending on your precise needs, these services include:
  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Logistics & Warehousing
  • Training & Support
  • Containment, Control & Rework
  • Warranty Management
G&P is all about quality management and resource innovation for the 21st century.

More specifically, it¿s about focusing your own resources on core-competency areas rather than on activities which generate no added value.

By outsourcing specialist tasks which G&P can perform more efficiently and cost effectively on your behalf, you create real opportunities to increase productivity, throughput and profitability ¿ as well as enjoy many other key benefits. For example:
  • G&P Quality Management services are custom built to provide total market solutions ¿ a comprehensive range of needs-oriented, industry-specific services
  • G&P¿s expert services and resources dovetail hand in hand with your own operations
  • G&P provides an objective, independent point of view, putting the emphasis on facts and solutions rather than on attributing blame
  • Variable resourcing gives you greater flexibility
  • Continuous improvement in quality helps achieve an overall reduction in total costs throughout the supply chain.
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