Gagapay Network

The All In One Smart Marketing platform

• Straightforward drag-and-drop with intuitive layout and ready templates
• Blend the referral, affiliate, community marketing and loyalty applications -- under one membership accounts
• Dependable, secure and clear intelligent contracts which self-execute (instantaneous or scheduled) reward payouts
• Aimed at both blockchain along with non-blockchain companies allowing to incorporate both crypto and fiat monies together with payment plug-ins
• Constructed on blockchain technology with intelligent and safe NEO Auth for user login -- it's safer than other 2FAs
• Seamlessly integrated with Gagapay crypto platform enabling to save, exchange and utilize got crypto rewards via cellular and debit card payments
Peer-to-peer advertising is the Best Kind of advertising with 89 percent of customers expecting genuine recommendations on advertisements.
That's the way Dropbox grew its client base from 100k to 4 million under 15months - by conducting an effective referral program.
Developing a personalized affiliate, referral or dedication program is extremely time and resource intensive so traditional marketing channels are undependable.
Getting another Dropbox success story Ought to be available even for startup budgets.
Gagapay Network yearly membership lets you create and host some mix of our provided
Apps with a single account.


Applications powered by clever contracts!
The all-around smart advertising and marketing platform powered by NEO clever contracts.
Become the following Dropbox, Airbnb or even Amazon of effective referral Advertising!
Whilst present blockchain powered platforms provide to host just referral or affiliate programs, 
our platform enables to make a combination of affiliate, referral, community promotion and loyalty
Apps - under one account.
 Make your own success story using Gagapay Network.

Gagapay Network Overview