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Marine Breakaway Couplings are designed to minimise risk of oil spillage in the marine environment. The safety marine breakaway coupling is a vital component in offshore oil and crude oil transfer. The Marine Breakaway Coupling operates within a floating hose string and shuts down flow when an event occurs. This activation is caused by undue overload during tanker loading or discharging, or an extreme pressure surge.

If a Safety Marine Breakaway Coupling is not fitted then the resulting oil spillage and trauma to the transfer system could cause damage to assets such as hoses and loading arms, injury to personnel, extended downtime, costly oil spill clean-up and pollution to the environment.

Gall Thomson Safety Marine Breakaway Couplings

Gall Thomson invented the Petal Valve Marine Breakaway Coupling, conceived the Flip-Flap Valve Marine Breakaway Coupling and continues to be the world leader in the development and delivery of Marine Breakaway Coupling (MBC) technology.

This proven technology means that the Gall Thomson Petal Valve Type MBC and the Gall Thomson Flip-Flap Type MBC Valve are the global industry standards for Marine Breakaway Couplings. These breakaway couplings offer an unmatched record for reliability and durability and drastically reduce the risk of spillage during transfer – a frequent cause of oil spills.

Gall Thomson Marine Breakaway Couplings provide a controlled parting point and spill shut-off facility to the exact requirements of the transfer system. The units are self-motivated and self-contained and require no outside power source.


Single point mooring, conventional berth mooring/multi-buoy mooring, FPSO/FSO/FSU and other offshore terminal crude oil, refined product and bunker hose strings, including reeled floating and catenary hose systems; Under buoy and subsea manifold flexible risers; Offshore and onshore service lines; Subsea high pressure ‘live’ crude flexibles; Well choke and kill emergency disconnect systems

Petal Valve Type Marine Breakaway Coupling

The Gall Thomson Petal Valve Type Marine Breakaway Coupling has been specifically developed for heavy fuel oil and crude oil media and offers zero headloss during transfer. The unit protects hoses and loading arms from damage that might be caused by undue overload during tanker loading or discharging or an extreme pressure surge. The Petal Valve Type Marine Breakaway Coupling is piggable and does not clog and is the ultimate in both flow safety and efficiency.

Flip-Flap Valve Type Marine Breakaway Coupling

The Gall Thomson Flip-flap Valve Type Marine Breakaway Coupling is relevant to the transfer of low viscosity products or short term crude oil terminal operations, fuel and liquid gas (LPG) transfer systems and temporary loading/offloading operations. The Flip-flap Valve Type Marine Breakaway Coupling offers minimum headloss during transfer and 100% leak-free shut-off.

Welin Camlock Couplings

The Gall Thomson Welin Camlock Coupling is versatile and efficient and consists of two flanges that lock together. This Camlock fitting delivers a quick and efficient method of connecting and disconnecting flanged hose connections.

Compared to other options such as draft pins, studbolts and nuts, the Welin Camlock Coupling offers much improved safety to hands and fingers. Each Cam on the unit can take only 5 seconds to connect and is impossible to loosen once deployed in a pressurised line.

Welin Camlock Couplings

Servicing Marine Breakaway Couplings to approved and certified standard

Correct servicing procedures involving trained Marine Breakaway Coupling engineers are crucial elements in the continued reliable performance of Marine Breakaway Couplings.

Gall Thomson Approved Certification (GTAC) requires the adherence to detailed procedures that include the requirement for GTAC trained engineers, GTAC approved inspections, parts and testing.

These quality control procedures ensure the Marine Breakaway Coupling is serviced to approved GTAC standard and therefore continues to deliver reliable performance in the harsh offshore environment.

GTAC is available for the Gall Thomson Petal Valve and Flip-Flap Valve range of Marine Breakaway Couplings.

Further information: Servicing Marine Breakaway Couplings

Aftersales Care

Gall Thomson offers a comprehensive range of aftersales services that are designed to keep your transfer system safe and efficient. These include return-to-factory breakaway coupling refurbishment, on-site breakaway coupling refurbishment, resetting, preventative maintenance, spares kits, advice and training.

Gall Thomson Standards and Awards

Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement

ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System

ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System


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