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Industrial Flooring Epoxy Resin Contractors, Gallagher Flooring Ltd, offer a fast efficient nationwide flooring service to all industries. WE CAN RESTORE YOUR FLOOR - IN ONE WEEKEND!


Gallagher Flooring Ltd install Epoxy Resin Coatings, Epoxy Resin Flow systems and Epoxy and Polyurethane Screeds. With over 25 years experience you can be assured  of a quality installation combined with a  proven range of Industrial Flooring systems. 



We use fast, dust free preparation systems and durable, high performance epoxy resin coatings and screeds  that can cope with heavy engineering, fork lift traffic, oil and chemicals, carefully matched to your budget and demands and its fully guaranteed.


Free-Phone 0800 783 4314 and arrange for a FREE SURVEY, QUOTATION, SAMPLES & INFORMATION PACK to be sent to you. Alternatively, email to

Industrial Flooring quotations include FREE LINING & LETTERING, ANTI-SLIP, ANY BS and RAL COLOURS.


Manufacturing Flooring - improve the areas that are working for you!

  • Fast dust free preparation to remove old coatings and contaminants
  • Resistant to machine oil, impact, abrasion and chemicals
  • Minimum operational downtown
  • Failing joints, eroded concrete, footprints of old machinery - fast cure repaired
  • Anti-slip incorporated at various densities, tailored to your usage
  • Any BS or RAL colour available, to emphasise production/traffic areas
  • Easily cleaned – no maintenance
  • Safety markings/linings/wording available

Our knowledge and experience in specialist preparation systems, will remove machine oil, grease, old paint and contamination. Fast cure epoxy repairs are completed prior to any coating installation to provide smooth, tough and safe traffic surfaces. Our durable flooring solutions, suitable for busy fork lift truck traffic, can be colour coded for production areas and to create gangways or aisles. Our turn-key solutions, will improve the areas that are working for you in a short timescale, tailored to meet your budget and requirements.

Garage Auto Workshops

Transform your Workshop Floor over one week-end!

  • Fast, dust free preparation to remove old paint, oil
  • Non shrink epoxy repair systems to cracks, chipping joints
  • Range of seamless coating and topping system to suit all budgets
  • Resistant to oil, anti-freeze, grease
  • Anti-slip finishes to PDI Bays, wash bays, valeting and ramps
  • Franchise and corporate colour schemes available
  • VOSA standard safety lining and MOT marking systems

We provide turn-key solutions to upgrade your workshop floor. Specialist preparation systems remove oil, grease, old paint and contamination before repairs and proven epoxy resin systems are laid. This provides a seamless, durable, tough, epoxy finish that you can rely on for years to come. Whether you are a main franchise or independent, visiting customers will be impressed by the attractive, easily cleaned surface. Completed in just one weekend - ready for Monday morning's servicing.


Fit for purpose - lights, camera, action!
  • Attractive, decorative, seamless finishes available
  • Fast dust free preparation
  • Wide range of flooring solutions
  • Fast installation – short lead times accommodated
  • Desirable and unusual colour choices and finish options
  • Solvent free products and low odour products
  • No maintenance costs – easily cleaned
  • Specification built to your requirements
  • Single source from survey to completion

From TV studios to gym environments, an attractive and durable floor finish greatly enhances your facility. Forget grey - you are only limited by your imagination!

We listen to your needs and build a specification to your requirements, complimenting creativity and durability. Completed to time and budget constraints, we provide you with a hassle free successful turnkey project. Our vast experience and knowledge allows you to gain information about the wide variety of manufacturers specialist products available.


Warehouse hazards can be shelved!

  • Dust free preparation
  • Fast installation - minimum disruption
  • Eroded concrete, failed joints, hazard - rapid epoxy repairs
  • Non-slip service locally applied for loading bays, dock levellers & gangways
  • Multiple colour choice available to indicate storage/traffic areas
  • Solvent Free products
  • No maintenance costs - easily cleaned
  • Tough fork lift truck resistant flooring solutions
  • Safety markings/signage/linings/wording available

From dust-proofers to fork lift truck resistant floor coatings, our experience provides you with the knowledge and information you require when considering an upgrade in your warehouse. We provide a turnkey solution to your enquiry with proven expertise. Completed to your time frame and budget, we will reduce the disruption involved in creating traffic safe areas. Our seamless, smooth flooring options, which include repairs, non-slip, lining and colour choices, create a hazard free environment for your staff and visiting customers.

Food & Pharmaceutical

The right prescription for flooring solutions in pharmaceutical and food environments!

  • Wide range of screeds, coatings, sealers and self-flowing toppings
  • Seamless surfaces with coving option
  • Light reflectivity up to 300%
  • Improve sanitation with anti-bacterial finish
  • Durable finishes that are oil and chemical resistant
  • Solvent & taint free products – no solvent odour on installation
  • Dust free preparation systems to remove contaminants
  • Use colours and lining to demark floor space
  • Anti-slip surfaces to create hazard-free wet areas, ideal for wash downs
  • Easy to clean products to maintain immaculately clean environments

Decorative, seamless floor finishes, that offer excellent durability and chemical, impact and abrasion resistances, are the optimum way to maintain high standards of cleanliness. There is a bewildering range of flooring products available from a vast list of manufacturers. With our experience and practical knowledge of installation, we can advise you a specification tailored to your requirements. As an independent specialist contractor, we provide you with a single source from survey to completion - backed up by a full no quibble guarantee.

Printing & Packaging

Flooring solutions - all wrapped up!

  • Preparation systems that are fast and dust free to remove contaminants
  • Fast installation, minimum downtime & short lead time
  • Footprints of exiting machinery repaired including joints & eroded concrete
  • Spillages easily removed and cleaned
  • Safety surfaces create a hazard free areas
  • Highlight floor usage e.g cut & crease, folding areas, by use of colours
  • Safety markings/linings/wording installed
  • Solvent and taint free systems
  • Impact, stain and chemical resistant flooring solutions

Printing & Packaging industries demands durability, combined with seamless surfaces that are easy to maintain cleanliness. To avoid ingress of dust into any part of the production or packaging process is essential. Old, worn, contaminated floors create concrete dust, which can invade your products. Our seamless resin flooring systems are proven in these stringent, demanding environments.

Property Management

Commercial and Industrial Property Management Services

  • Nationwide service –hassle free, successful turnkey projects
  • Free no obligation site survey, detailed report and quotation
  • Independent from manufacturer – all works guaranteed
  • Wide range of cost effective flooring solutions
  • Fast installation – short lead time accommodated
  • Site repairs including dilapidations
  • Tailored to budget and usage
  • Single source from survey to completion

Whether it is a change of use, end of lease, acquisition or upgrade, our extensive experience provides you with the knowledge and information you require when advising your client. Initially, why not contact us to informally discuss your enquiry? We provide knowledgeable, technical advice – but without the jargon. This is available from our helpful team, contact us on freephone 0800 7834314 now!

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