GAMA Microwave Technology Ltd


GAMA provides on-site microwave and thermal oven calibration services for food producing and retail supply outlets, meeting British Standards BS EN and UK food industry requirements… website:

Gas and Electric Oven Temperature Determination

GAMA provides accurate heating dial Off-Set positioning and installs cavity visual temperature determination systems, meeting UKAS traceable calibration for centre-of-cavity or individual heating zone requirements… website:

Microwave Food Heating Technology

GAMA provides on-site microwave product evaluation services using fibre optic thermometry to determine a food products heating profile within a dynamic microwave heating environment. Latest in microwave technology food industry training is regularly provided, free-of-charge to GAMA clients… website:

Microwave Appliance Development

GAMA has assisted with some of the World's most innovative microwave appliance developments… see Beanzawave information on website:  and follow the links 

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