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Our range of security grilles are mounted on durable top and bottom pivot hinges and manufactured from 50mm rolled hollow steel horizontal sections and 20mm diameter solid steel vertical bars.

Security grilles are also mounted in a rolled steel angle construction combined with secure integral lock bolts and pivot mounting points fixed by resin anchors.

Fire Glass

We develop and manufacture of range of fire glass sanctioned by the Ministry of Justice to guarantee the protection and defence of individuals and property.

Fire glass can be utilised in hospitals, cash and bank houses, residential homes, secure units, remand centres, custodial facilities, and rehabilitation units. We also supply a range of extras including tinted glass, sandblasted glass, solar control glass, and double glazed glass.

Fire Glass

Steel Doors

All our steel doors are on a steel-welded construction and fixed within a durable steel frame. The steel door panels are reinforced to prevent abuse and are hung from pivot or continuous hinges.

Our full range of steel doors consists of:

  • GSE-SD-01 PSA Cell Door
  • GSE-SD-02 Standard Cell Door
  • GSE-SD-03 Stainless Steel Interface Cell Door
  • GSE-SD-04 Prison Cell Door
  • GSE-SD-05 Dirty Protest Cell Door
  • GSE-SD-06 Vulnerable Prisoners Cell Door
  • GSE-SD-07 Lambeth (SD5) Cell Door
  • GSE-SD-08 Hospital Cell Door
  • GSE-SD-09 Crown Court Cell Door
  • GSE-SD-10 Magistrates Court Cell Door
  • GSE-SD-11 Customs and Excise Door
  • GSE-SD-12 C and R Door
  • GSE-SD-13 Armoury/Strongman
  • GSE-SD-15 Visitor Access
  • GSE-SD-16 Patient/Visitor Foyer
  • GSE-SD-17 Lobby Door
  • GSE-SD-18 Plant Room

Steel doors are manufactured to specifications for police and prison use, as well as detention facilities and buildings requiring high levels of security. They are available with a variety of additional features including observation windows, ventilation panels and service hatch.

Steel Doors

Fire Door

Our range of fire door include timber core steel fire doors manufactured with a mild steel sheeting on both sides and all edges. They are either seam welded or securely jointed along the edges.

Our ranges of fire door are set in steel frames and are hung on continuous hinges. They can include:

  • GSE-TCSD-19 Detention Room Door
  • GSE-TCSD-20 Prisoners Entrance Door
  • GSE-TCSD-21 Perimeter / Exercise Yard Door
  • GSE-TCSD-22 Perimeter Door
  • GSE-TCSD-23 Dock Entry Door
  • GSE-TCSD-24 60 Minute Fire Resistant Door
  • GSE-TCSD-25 Half Glazed Door
  • GSE-TCSD-26 Solid Timber Door
  • GSE-TCSD-27 Duct Access Door
  • GSE-TCSD-28 Decency Door
  • GSE-TCSD-29 Double Action Corridor Door
  • GSE-TCSD-30 Single Action Corridor Door
Fire Door

Security Door

Our security door includes the PSA steel door manufactured from 40mm robust wide steel hollow sections and sheeted both sides with a 3mm thick steel surface.

Our security door is internally reinforced to the lower area on the cell side and as standard is supplied with an observation aperture, stainless steel cover and service food and hatch.

Security Door

Security Engineers

Our security engineers have developed a range of high security products approved for use by the Ministry of Justice and the National Offenders Management.

Our security engineers have manufactured durable cash house doors with the same attack resistant properties we use on products for Her Majesty's prison service.

Security Engineers

Structural Steelwork

Our structural steelwork ranges are steel welded constructions designed to offer optimum support, safety and strength.

Structural steelwork can have paint finishes to suit customer requirement, including a powder coat finish. They can also be equipped with a graffiti resistant stainless steel finish. Our structural steelwork range includes:

  • GSE-SS-49 Staircases
  • GSE-SS-50 Balustrades
  • GSE-SS-51 Access Ladders
  • GSE-SS-52 Security Cages
  • GSE-SS-53 Floor Structural & Support Beams
  • GSE-SS-54 Link Bridges & Gantries
Structural Steelwork

Bespoke Items

Our bespoke items include IDTS cell doors, key chutes, key safes, manhole grilles, and pharmacy hatches. We specialise in bespoke items and are always on hand to discuss your requirements and the best solutions available to you.

We have a wealth of experience working with a variety of organisations to produce bespoke steelwork fabrications as well as supplying new, bespoke products to meet customer demands and specifications.

Bespoke Items