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We specialise in heating equipment and controls and are one of the UKs leading manufacturers and suppliers of electrical heating elements and temperature control equipment.

As part of our extensive service, we produce a wide range of nozzle heaters including Mica Nozzle Heater bands. These nozzle heaters are specifically tailored to meet our customers' needs. Our range varies from a Low Cost option up to the more engineered Type 'NA', which is designed to give additional protection against material ingress.

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Barrel Heaters

As well as nozzle heaters, we also have extensive experience of producing a wide range of barrel heaters. As a bespoke manufacturer, we have the ability to produce a comprehensive range of high quality Mica and Ceramic Heater Bands, tailored to suit each individual customer's requirements.

With our range of barrel heaters, cast aluminium and cast bronze versions are available, generally supplied in heater/coolers combinations. All heaters are custom-made to include various holes or cutouts and threaded bridges to accommodate thermocouples.

Plate Heaters

If you require plate heaters, we manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality Mica Plate Heaters in flat, 'L' form, 'U' form or frame configurations. They are all tailored to suit each individual customer's requirements.

All heaters are custom-made to include fixing holes, thermocouple holes, eyebolt holes and cutouts. Cast aluminium and cast bronze versions are also available.

Cartridge Heaters

We also specialise in the manufacture of cartridge heaters. We have the flexibility to supply almost any size and loading of cartridge heater manufactured to a very high standard.

The comprehensive range varies from standard 230 volt heaters to items manufactured to meet our customers' individual requirements.

Coil Heaters

We are suppliers of a vast array of coil heaters manufactured to a very high quality. The extensive range varies from mini coil cam operated clamp designs to simple straight length elements.

Element sections are either flat or round and are available in a selection of different cross-sectional sizes. Heaters are normally supplied coiled to customers' requirements with a variety of exit configurations possible.

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Thermocouples are another of our particular areas of manufacturing expertise. As a specialist manufacturer we produce a high quality range of thermocouples and resistance probes to meet our customers' requirements.

We supply countless different sizes and designs ranging from simple surface mounted probes to complex bayonet assemblies.

These thermocouples can be supplied with various cable types such as Metal Braided or PTFE at virtually any length.

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