Gate and Barrier Services Limited


We provide gate maintenance and installation for all manufacturers of gates, turnstiles and road blockers. Out gate maintenance will decrease downtime and improve security. It will help improve reliability and reduce costly replacement.

It can ensure better spares inventory, improve safety, and encourage awareness of new regulations.


Gate and Barrier Services supply and install quality, cost-efficient and secure sliding, swinging or folding gates for your requirements.

We offer a bespoke gates service and all our gates are manufactured using the triple coating method to avoid corrosion, and improve high strength to weight ratio.

We can provide replacement drives and replacement automation for vehicle and pedestrian gates. We also offer a cost-effective solution for upgrades.


We offer a range of barriers to suit any requirement or price range. We also provide a barrier replacement service. Our range includes DAAB barrier range for gaps up to six metres, FAAC, Nice and Automatic Systems.

DAAB electro-mechanical barriers have robust stainless steel casing to improve corrosion. They have built-in safety features, interfacing to peripheral devices and are competitively priced.

FAAC barriers have a quick opening and closing cycle designed for frequent use.


Maintenance and installation of all turnstile types/makes, specialists in repair.

Folding Doors

We provide folding doors needed in fast response locations to offer quick and safe opening. The folding doors can be manufactured in a range of colours and made with corrosion-free materials.

We also offer a bespoke service that allows you to order your doors to compliment your location.    

Road Blockers

We maintain a range of road blockers and have installed Heald road blockers at high security sites. Heald products are designed to help increasing security threats.

Heald blockers have tested crash rates and offer products with rising bollards, security traffic bollards and car park barriers. They also manufacture vehicle barriers, truck stoppers and road blockers.   

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