Gateway Electronic Components Ltd

Gateway Electronic Components Ltd is a franchised distributor and has assembled a supplier line-card of reputation, including world leading manufacturers such as TDK-EPC.  The company  was established on 31st July 2000 as an independent franchised distributor of electronic components and provides access to products from some of the worlds leading manufacturers; supported by outstanding levels of customer service.

The company offer a selection of value added services, including component services and device programming; cable design and assembly; and test and inspection services. 

Gateway is renowned for designing and implementing turnkey supply chain solutions, and can assist interested customers install vendor reduction programmes, supported by dynamic and versatile replenishment initiatives, including Kanban supply.  

Gateway Electronic Components is proud to recommend its:
* Highly experienced sales, contract management and customer service teams.
* State-of-the-art operating system providing high levels of supply integrity, quality, flexibility and tailored customer solutions. Approved to ISO9001:2000.
* Logistics programmes for supply chain management, including; vendor reduction strategies, kitting, kanban, dynamic buffer management, customer implant stores management, `Breadman' replenishment systems.
* High levels of technical expertise.
* Extensive range of Value Added Services, including: component cropping, forming and marking, device tolerance selection, cable harness design and assembly, device programming. 

Gateway Electronic Components Ltd Overview