GC Metals Ltd

G. C. Metals Limited is a completely independent British precious metals refiner specialising in the reclamation of all precious metals GOLD, SILVER and PLATINUM group metals.

G. C. Metals Limited offers a comprehensive Precious Metal Reclamation Service.
Please view our list of examples of the materials suitable.


G. C. Metals Limited offers its precious metals reclamation service to a wide variety of commercial and industrial customers.

Please view our list of industries as it is likely you generate valuable, reclaimable waste. Just call us on 0116 254 2832 and we will sample your waste to determine its viability.


AEROSPACE & AVIONICS - electronic packages
DENTAL - caps, filings & filters
JEWELLERY - floor sweeps, polishings & lemel
TELECOMMUNICATIONS - circuit boards & relay


is the most important basis for the success of a "REFINERY." Trust presupposes reliability and competence.



Metal Processing & Refining

With refined products having the same high purity levels, recovery of materials is an efficient way of saving natural resources and costs, .   G. C. Metals Limited processes and refines material, reclaiming the precious metals contained within various products. What is considered waste can in fact contain many reusable metals. We will recover these for you. Using advanced chemical, electrical and smelting techniques, we are able to efficiently and cost-effectively maximise your reclamation yields. 
Metal Processing & Refining

Fabricated Metals & Products

Precious metals are widely used in industry throughout the production process due to the very nature and properties of the metal.    G. C. Metals Limited supplies various fabricated metals and products to various customers and industries. Detailed and comprehensive compositional analysis is essential to determine the true worth of your material. G. C. Metals Limited samples and analyses your material detailing the percentage and amounts of payable metals and impurities composed within.
Fabricated Metals & Products

Materials For Recovery

  • Electronics
  • Jewellery
  • Dental
  • Mining and Refining
  • Photographic, Graphic Art, X-Rays Labs
  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Plating and Vacuum-Plating

Electronic WEEE Disposal 

Electronic Reclaim

Materials For Recovery

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