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Here at GDS Technologies, we supply a series of high quality gas sensors suitable for toxic gas, asphyxiate and flammable gas. Our gas sensors are suitable for use in the commercial, retail and industrial markets. We provide custom-built gas sensors to meet individual requirements.

F1 - Gas Sensor

Our F1 - gas sensor is a remote fixed detector for flammable oxygen and toxic gases. We have developed the F1 -gas sensor to be easy to maintain and cost effective to use.

XDI-F1win Gas Sensor

The XDI - F1win gas sensor provides remote gas detection and offers local control and display solutions. Our XDI - F1win gas sensor is explosion proof and reliable with optional two alarm relays.

F6 Gas Sensor

We have developed the F6 gas sensor as a remote fixed detector for flammable and toxic gases. Our F6 gas sensor is suitable for use in car parks, boiler/plant rooms, commercial and public buildings.

Biogas Detection Systems

The Biogas detection systems continuously monitor up to four gases. The unit offers gas level readouts with two alarm stages and a range of signal and data outputs for logging and control functions.

This Biogas detection system is perfect for:

  • Landfill gas monitoring
  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Waste water plants
  • CHP engine protection and efficiency
  • Fuel gas analysis

XDI-F6win Hazardous Area Gas Detector

Our XDI-F6win hazardous area gas detector provides local control and display. The XDI-F6win hazardous area gas detector offers flexible output options and is suitable for a wide range of gas types and sensors.

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