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GEA Breconcherry has specialized in the design and manufacture of tank cleaning technology for nearly four decades. GEA Breconcherry  produces the most comprehensive and innovative range of tank cleaners in the world which are used by leading companies in the process, chemical and transport sectors, setting the standards for hygienic, fast and cost effective cleaning. We provide superior service and support in all global locations, operating service and technical centres in many countries.
GEA Breconcherry offers a wide range of tank cleaning nozzles and spray heads for the interior cleaning of process vessels, storage tanks, chemical reactors and transport containers. The comprehensive product range of jetting and spraying tank cleaners has a broad range of functionality and is flexible enough to cover every application. - In case of special applications our innovative custom design team can create the specific product for your requirement.

Tank Cleaning Static Spray Balls

GEA Breconcherry static spray balls are the main components for cleaning tanks and vessels, e.g. storage tanks, CIP tanks, milk collecting trucks. We supply a variety of sizes, flow rates and configurations for a broad scope of cleaning applications

Rotating Spray Cleaners

GEA Breconcherry produce a comprehensive range of free rotating cleaning heads with the TURBODISC, CHEMIDISC, CLIPDISC, TORUS, CHEMITORUS and SANIDISC offerings acknowledged as the most powerful and economic range of tank washers in its class.

Rotating Jet Cleaners

GEA Breconcherry rotational controlled cleaning heads are ideally suited to high flow, variable pressure applications where a slow constant rotation speed is required to give longer chemical dwell times for improved cleaning efficiency

Orbital Cleaners

The GEA Breconcherry range of hygenic orbital jetting tank washers are designed to be the most powerful, and versatile cleaning units of their class. All variations produce a powerful but efficient 3D spray jet matrix on all inside vessel surface giving a complete 360 degree coverage. The hygenic range consists of TWISTER, TYPHOON, TEMPEST and TORNADO.  

Retracting cleaners

The In-line Sprayer is equipped with a pullout spray head that is withdrawn from the product chamber during production (Retractor). This design makes the IS 25 in particular suitable for the cleaning of tanks with moving components, such as straight-armpaddle agitators and scrapers. For pipe CIP using large amounts of solvents as cleaning medium , the use of Inline Sprayers reduces the costs for cleaning considerably.

During the cleaning procedure the sprayhead is pneumatically actuated and pulled out. On completion of the cleaning cycle, the spray head returns to its non-actuated position by spring.

Monitoring and Verification Systems

The Veri-Clean and jet monitoring system are ideally suited to applications where an automated signal indicating that the tank cleaning device is working correctly is required. The system is designed to work with the Typhoon tank washer in the brewing, beverage, food, chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. The neat, compact design makes it easy to retrofit to existing typhoon units, or simple to install as new project.

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