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  • Thermal Insulation Testing
  • DMA Testing & Application Notes. Over 35 years experience here.

For checking the THERMAL INSULATION properties of your materials, we offer a rapid service to BS874/ISO8301 for measuring the lambda values. Thickness up to 100mm.

DMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis) will give you the glass transition (softening point), stiffness (modulus) and damping from -180ºC to 400ºC in air. These can vary with the vibration frequency and strain amplitude! Also thermal expansion - TMA. Runs can be made in air or liquids (max 150C).  DMA is also over 1000 times as sensitive as DSC for milligrams of powders or a single drop of liquid.  Polymer calibration standards for GPC or Maldi-TOFS.  Deuterated polymers and monomers.

Polymer calibration standards for GPC or MALDI-TOFS

Deuterated polymers and C13 ones too.  Discounts for European universities.

Specific Heat (Cp) Testing

Specific heat (Cp) testing on larger gram size samples.

The main problem with using a DSC to measure specific heat is that the samples are so small that they will often not be representative of the bulk sample particularly if it is a composite or multi-phase material.

Using samples of 2 to 25mm thickness by 50 to 60mm diameter (or octagonal) we can now offer this test over the T range from "0 to <200ºC". (This is using the same Lasercomp Fox 50 apparatus used for thermal conductivity testing.)

Specific Heat (Cp) Testing
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