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Gee Graphite based in Dewsbury UK is both a specialist manufacturer of expanded graphite seals and gaskets as well as the largest capacity Water Jet cutting company in the UK. Products include graphite foils, graphite plain & corrugated tapes, sealing & gasket products – Spiral Wound gaskets, graphite die-formed rings and Nickel & Stainless Steel reinforced sheets, Our Water-jet cutting Division operates 10 machines with custom profiling accuracy down to 0.01mm with Geegraf Energised Division specialising in “Live loading” and maintenance of valve gland & flange leakage solutions.

Graphite Foils

Gee Graphite UK manufacture graphite foils which are high in purity but do not contain adhesives or binders. This means that our graphite foils provide resilient and compressible sealing material which makes them ideal for fluid sealing applications such as in the Petrochemical and Refining industries.

Our graphite foils are available in a range of grades and they can be used in electronic applications as a dry alternative to thermal compounds. They have a low thermal resistance and excellent conductivity thus making them ideal for parting media or masking substrates.

Graphite Tapes

Our graphite tapes are manufactured using the latest CNC slitting equipment leaving them with a high purity and they are consistently accurate in their dimensions.

Gee graphite tapes are available in widths of 3mm and above, with or without adhesive backs and they can be supplied in plain or corrugated forms.

Our graphite tapes are ideal for sealing applications including sealing the surfaces of flanges no matter what the surface detail is like.

Die Formed Graphite Rings

Our die formed graphite rings are manufactured from our range of tooling but we can provide new tooling in a very short lead time if required.

Our die formed graphite rings are manufactured in a range of densities including 1.2 g/cc to 1.8 g/cc with a carbon content ranging from 99% to 99.85%.

Gee die formed graphite rings can be supplied in corrosion and oxidation resistant grades as well as optional PTFE impregnated grades.

Graphite Reinforced Sheets

We manufacture a wide range of graphite reinforced sheets that are used as gaskets. All our graphite reinforced sheets are manufactured in-house.

We use a high temperature adhesive system which provides a 100% bond which means the sheet can be converted into gaskets with narrow land widths or complex geometry without any problems with delamination.

Nickel Reinforced Graphite

Our nickel reinforced graphite sheet is easy to use and can be cut on-site and is available in cut gaskets or 1m square sheets.

Our nickel reinforced graphite sheet is made up of 2 outer layers of graphite foil with a central nickel core. Again, the sheet is bonded in-house to prevent any delamination during storage, punching and use.

Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting is a subcontract profile cutting service that has been in operation for over 20 years. Our water jet cutting service includes eleven abrasive and pure water jet cutting machines which makes us the UK's largest. Our wealth of experience in water jet cutting means we can accommodate your specifications and requirements no matter what.

Water Jet Cutting can provide a cutting service covering requirements ranging from a single item to production volumes in an unlimited range of materials.

Water Jet Cutting can also offer you turnkey solutions for: anodising, milling, shotblasting, tapping, plating and counter boring.

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