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GEFCO has been operating in the UK now, for over 35 years and are part of a reliable, global integrated network. GEFCO offers national and international transport and logistics solutions which encompass the whole supply chain. 

GEFCO have five key areas of expertise that cover the whole of the supply chain;

• Finished Vehicle Logistics
• Road Transport
• Air, Ocean and Rail Transport 
• Warehousing and Reusable Packaging
• Customs and Tax Representation

The Benefits of Working with GEFCO

Many customers already working with us benefit from; 

• Comprehensive finished vehicle services including storage, distribution, preparation, enhancements and refurbishments
• EuroDailyService: daily groupage to and from 15 countries in Europe 
• GEFCO’s own fully integrated overland network 
• Groupage, full and part load shipments and express deliveries 
• 137 depots worldwide linked by 462 international routes 
• Full traceability of all shipments 
• Short and long term storage in our bonded Midlands warehouse, offering sequencing, assembly, rework and quality control 
• GEFCO’s complete Air, Ocean and Rail Transport solution, serving 300 destinations via 80 international hubs 
• Quality, environmental and security accreditations: ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accredited 

Serving Customers in all Key Market Sectors

GEFCO’s heritage and expertise lies in the automotive industry. But whist our core strategy is to continue to serve the ever-changing needs of clients in this market, we have also successfully expanded and diversified into other industrial sectors which include; 

• Automotive 
• Industrial
• High and Heavy
• Retail 
• 2Wheelers 
• Electronics 
• Aerospace

GEFCO provides innovative and effective solutions that match the needs of our customers, supporting them with constantly changing supply chain demands and significant growth plans both locally and internationally.

Finished Vehicle Logistics

GEFCO's traditional Finished Vehicle Logistics activities are to ship vehicles from assembly plants to storage centres and distribute them to dealers and leasing companies. Trucks, secure vehicle carriers/railcars adapted to suit market requirements, specialised Ro-Ro ships and cargo planes are used for transport.

GEFCO are also now experts in pre-delivery vehicle preparation for dealers (exterior protection removal, valeting, fitting of accessories and logos), vehicle refurbishment and repair (SMART repairs, cold denting, painting) and fleet management operations.

GEFCO have four Finished Vehicle Logistics Centres in the UK located at: Sheerness, Corby, Sandtoft and Portbury.   

Road Transport - International Distribution

Enjoy speed and quality from GEFCO and benefit from their scheduled daily service to 15 countries in Europe, through GEFCO's own fully integrated network.

GEFCO operate the largest privately owned overland network in Europe, comprising of 150 depots interconnected by 600 international lines. They offer continued reliable and secure solutions along the entire supply chain. The network's success relies on well structured domestic coverage, strategically located international gateways and bilateral country-to-country links.

GEFCO's continental transport solution hinges on three areas of expertise: groupage, full-part load transport and customised express deliveries.

Air, Ocean and Rail Transport

Ship Further for Less, with GEFCO Air, Ocean and Rail Transport solution - 150 countries, 300 destinations

GEFCO are specialised in complex intercontinental traffic, we design and implement customised door-to-door air and sea transport chartering solutions. Equipped with one of the world’s best network’s and present in over 150 countries through our group of partners, we can provide our industrial customers with reliable, competitive logistics solutions on all five continents. 

As Customs and Tax Representation often present pitfalls for manufacturers shipping worldwide, we can provide personalised support to help you develop internationally with total confidence. We have been an approved customs agent since 1970. 


GEFCO offers customised solutions in warehousing including complex value added services in sequencing, assembly, rework and quality control. Our complete storage solutions enable manufacturers to control stock precisely and take advantage of a personalised service.

GEFCO’s UK Coventry based logistics warehouse is Customs approved, providing a flexible bonded storage solution when importing and exporting, helping you save on duty and tax and benefit from added cash flow gains.

Reusable Packaging Solutions

To free manufacturers from the complex task of managing their packaging and to help them eliminate cardboard waste, GEFCO has developed an innovative, sustainable packaging solution, GefBoxSystem.

With GefBoxSystem, we are helping to reduce waste by providing customers with washable, reusable plastic containers that are more environmentally sustainable. The GefBoxSystem includes a full range of standard washable and reusable plastic bins, containers, pallets and covers.

Customs and Tax Representation

GEFCO uses its expertise in customs engineering and tax representation to accelerate the transit of goods. Our network of experts span 35 countries and help take care of customers’ customs and taxes engineering operations enabling them to develop the international dimension of their business without any concerns.

To assist companies wanting to optimise their import and export logistics flows, we design tailored solutions to help manufacturers understand local tax and administrative constraints and improve the reliability of their operations.

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