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Our experienced sales team can find you a solution to any wire, cable labelling or component marking requirement.

Whether you are looking for something instantaneous, or outsourcing, Grafoplast Europe can help. Why not explore our online catalogue, or download our marking & identification catalogue which details all of our Cable Labelling solutions.

Wire Marking Systems

Grafoplast Wire Markers are recognised worldwide as a leading company specialising in the wire identification & cable identification industry for the industrial, electrical, automation and the advanced services sector. Grafoplast wire marking systems are available for all kinds of cables, wires and electrical components.

The range of products offers a variety of solutions depending on the customers’ needs: the manual TRASP SYSTEM, the computerised SI2000 (which uses a plotter and a special software), the SI2KPRINTUNO thermal printer and the EGO1PRO, the innovative hand held thermal printer designed for use on site.

  • Simple, Fast & Efficient Wire & Cable Labels & Identification
  • With over 40 years experience Grafoplast Wire Markers possess the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certificate

All Grafoplast systems ensure quality, legibility, long life and easy maintenance. Grafoplast have more than 40 years’ of market experience in the wire and cable identification industry.

Wire Marking Systems

Identification Systems

Grafoplast is recognised worldwide as the leader in specialised identification systems for the industrial automation and advanced services sector. Grafoplast marking systems are available for all kinds of cables, wires and electrical components. Our range of products offers a variety of solutions depending on the customers needs: The manual TRASP SYSTEM, the computerised SI2000 plotter system, the SI2KPRINT1 thermal transfer printer and the EGO line of hand-held printers.

All Grafoplast systems offer long life, legibility, ease of use and low maintenance. Grafoplast SpA already possesses the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certificate and boasts more than 40 years experience both in Italy and Grafoplast Commissioned Artwork around the world. Grafoplast has seventy distributors and three subsidiaries: Grafoplast Europe in the UK, Grafoplast Wire markers Africa and Grafoplast Wire markers Inc. in the USA.

At Grafoplast Europe Ltd we pride ourselves on offering the best service to all our customers in the UK. Our dedicated sales team can guide you through all your identification requirements, offer the most effective solution & deliver next day on all stock items.

Identification Systems

Ego Printers

EGO4YOU and the EGO1PRO are both exceptional hand held printers which are great for labeling and allowing printing on a wide range of materials. EGO4YOU is the new low-cost pocket printer (340 gr. Weight), intuitive and easy to use with advanced characteristics. The EGO1PRO has rapid access keys to the single making to the single marking functions.(wrap, fixed, panel, module, vertical): enables serial function, print of multiple copies, bar codes, electric symbols and has special multifunction keys for the international characters.

Ego Printers

S12K Print System

The thermal transfer printer represents one of the highest quality systems in the market that allows for printing on different types of material. Grafoplast has used the thermal transfer technology in response to the market demand, answering the call for low maintenance, simple to install, user friendly printers which provide clear print at a low cost.

The SI2K thermal tranfer printer is now one of the highest quality systems available on the market. Designed to satisfy marking requirements across many applications and providing excellent print quality and permanence on a variety of materials including PVC, Polyester, ABS, Polycarbonate. Data preparation using the Simplo HIP is easy, the printing process is silent and quick. The ink dries immediately so markers are ready to use. The SI2K system is truly versatile-catering for marking requirements. SUitable for printing cables, tags, plate and tags for push buttons and for external panel, strips.

S12K Print System

SI2T Roll System

The thermal transfer printer for continuous rolls managed by Simplo Hip Software, is designed with a metallic structure and is particularly suitable for the use in the industrial environment: it can be installed in workshop inside productive cycles. It is also very silent during the printing phase and it can be also used inside offices or laboratories

SI2T Roll System

SI2000 Plotter System

With a personal computer and a dedicated plotter, SI 2000 and its software make it possible to create identification markers with the minimum possibility of error and with a considerable saving in both time and labour. Ideally suited for the generation of longer idents, variation, volume marking or where there is a great degree of repetition.

SI2000 Channel System

Mounted into SIT0B channel, these strips allow the equipment to be marked with large text. Particularly useful to identify electrical distribution boards

SI2000 Plotter System - Holders

View our high quality range of holders available for the S1200 plotter system

SI2000 Plotter System

Trasp - Manual System

Trasp is the only manual system that can identify all types of cable cores, and components found within control on electrical equipment. The one simple system allows marking to be carried out either prior to or post termination. Characters remain constant throughout the process. The only things that change are the carries used. This depends on the core, cable or component marking requirement.

 The advantages of the Trasp system: 

  • One system marks all;
  • Incredible saving in installation time
  • Quick effective and user-friendly, with vast reductions in stock holding. 
Trasp - Manual System

Engraved Labels

With our experience in identification, we ensure that the level of service you may well know us for, can be applied very effectively.

The Engraving laminate we use is very well tried in it's application. It's multilayer pressing technique of melamine resin coated paper is a warranty for good workability - the excellent material characteristics guarantee life-long usage.

Combinations of colour 

  • the engraving material is available in 14 colour combinations, corresponding to DIN 2403. The thickness of 1.4mm is available from stock in the most popular combinations.
  • Standard thickness: 1.4mm
  • Surface: dull
  • Resistance to heat long term:-40¿C up to +130C
  • Short term: up to 150¿C
  • High quality surface: ca. 500N/2 corresponding to Mikro-Vikers standard
  • High resistance to chemicals at normal temperatures resistant to diluted and partly concentrated alkali and acids corresponding to DIN 53799 or ISO 4586. High dimensionally stability. Resistant to water.
  • Behaviour in fire: hardly combustible corresponding to B2 (DIN4102).
  • Free of silicone and halogens.                                              
  • The perfect partner to a high performance laminate, is a high performance adhesive. On all labels requiring adhesive, we supply a double coated acrylic foam tape developed by 3M, providing high tack adhesion and an impressive static shear strength. With continuous temperature performance at 120¿C and 1.1mm thickness (allowing better adhesive-to-surface contact), this provides life-long use. Of course, if you prefer we can drill fixing holes
The Service
  • You don't have to send us technical drawings with text height, character width or any of those sort of things. Just send us your information in raw format; whether that's a hand written fax, an excel spreadsheet, or dictated by phone. We will do the rest. With a fast turn-around and high performance materials, you can pass all the responsibility to us with confidence. We will ensure that all your identification is exactly as it should be.
Engraved Labels

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