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Gem Cable Solutions Ltd can provide you with a complete service that will deliver total network solutions for people operating in the telecommunications, broadcast, satellite, aerospace and transport industries.

Gem Cable Solutions Ltd will cover the whole design and manufacture stages all the way through to the installation of coaxial, fibre optic and copper cable assemblies. Gem will also provide these solutions for connectors and ancillary equipment for large communications infrastructures.

Cable Assemblies Suppliers and Manufacturers

Gem Cable Solutions Ltd is a cable assembly supplier and manufacturer. We have a highly-skilled team that use tooling quality materials and we can produce a range of bespoke cable assemblies. All Gem cable assemblies conform to ISO 9001:2008 and use coaxial, power, multi-paired, multi-core and data cables. 

Gem Cable Solutions Ltd can supply and manufacture a combination of connector and cable types within the same assembly.

Cables Suppliers and Manufacturers

Gem Cables Solutions Ltd has a vast range of cables including coaxial cables such as FXL, BT, LDF, LMR and RG. Gem can also provide multi-core cables including CW1600, 120ohms, CAT5/6 and 7 and CW1308.

Gem also provide external grade cables, armoured and power cables as well as over sheathing PVC cable and obsolete cable with low order quantities.

Connectors Suppliers and Manufacturers

Gem Cable Solutions Ltd supply and manufacture a large range of leading brands of connectors. These range from coaxial connectors to much larger sizes. They can be terminated or supplied to the customer in a box thus allowing you to terminate on site.

Gem Cable Solutions Ltd can manufacture and supply bespoke connectors and we can supply them with the tooling and test equipment you need.

Fibre Optics Suppliers and Manufacturers

Gem Cables ltd is a fibre optics supplier and manufacturer and include multi-mode and single mode from pig tails, standard patch leads and connectors to splitters, attenuators and patch panels. Gem also supply and manufacture bespoke multi-cores assemblies.

Gem Cables are official distributors of ADC / Krone fibre guide and Gem will always help you with your specific requests.

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