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Data loggers are small battery operated electronic devices for monitoring temperature, humidity, CO2, power, shock, vibration  and other environmental parameters in a variety of applications.

Data loggers are easy to use. Connect the logger to your PC with a USB cable and configure it using the data logging software provided.  Then leave it in place to record. To offload the recorded data, connect the logger back to the computer.  

Temperature monitoring solutions for use indoor, outdoor & underwater

Gemini Data Loggers designs and manufactures Tinytag, self contained and battery operated data loggers for monitoring temperature, humidity, shock, vibration and other parameters in a variety of locations.

Tinytag loggers are suitable for indoor, outdoor and underwater applications, including ATEX hazardous areas, in many industries such as environment, food, logistics, health & laboratories, agriculture, museums, compost, etc.

All Tinytags use the same Tinytag Explorer data logging software for simple configuration of the logger and later compilation and display of results for analysis. It is Window based and data can easily be exported into programmes eg Excel and Word.

While our extensive range of off-the-shelf data loggers and probes suit most needs, Gemini can produce custom solutions where required. Tinytag hardware and software are designed and manufactured in house allowing us to be adaptable to the requirements of your application.

Gemini has an in-house calibration laboratory providing UKAS traceable certification.

Tinytag Transit 2

Lightweight and cost effective temperature data loggers.

Tinytag Transit 2 are practical, robust, lightweight and cost effective temperature recorders. Designed with transport monitoring in mind, the loggers are used on trucks, airplanes and ships to monitor shipments of foods, pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive products. BS EN 12830 compliant, Tinytag Transit 2 loggers are ideal for the transport, storage and distribution of chilled, frozen, deep-frozen/ quick-frozen food and ice cream.


BS EN 12830 Compliant (S; T; C; D; 1)
User-programmable logging interval
2 user-programmable alarms
Delayed and trigger start options
3 stop options
Splash proof case
User-replaceable battery

Tinytag Plus 2

A versatile and robust range of waterproof loggers to measure temperature and humidity.

Tinytag Plus 2 data loggers are improved versions of the very popular Tinytag Plus range renowned for their ruggedness and reliability. The units have been upgraded with high resolution, 32,000 readings capacity and battery monitoring circuitry.
Versions are available with built in sensors and thermistor PT100 and PT1000 probes. There is also a logger that will measure temperature and humidity. The units are waterproof to IP68 and are pressure tested to a depth of 15


32,000 readings capacity
High accuracy and reading resolution
Fast data offload
Robust, waterproof case
Low battery monitor
User-replaceable battery
USB or serial download cables
User-programmable alarms
Optional audible alarm box  

Tinytag Ultra 2

Cost-effective, splashproof loggers for measuring temperature and humidity.

Sharing the same electronics as the Tinytag Plus 2 loggers, Tinytag Ultra 2s are housed in a lightweight, splashproof case (IP54). Tinytag Ultra 2s are designed primarily for indoor use, but can be used outdoors if appropriately protected with, for example, a Stevenson Screen.
Tinytag Ultra 2 data loggers have a high reading accuracy and resolution, 32,000 readings capacity, a fast offload speed and a low battery monitor. Units are available to measure temperature, temperature and humidity and temperature with an external themistor probe.



32,000 readings capacity
High accuracy and reading resolution
High reading resolution
Fast data offload
Splashproof case
Low battery monitor
User-replaceable battery
USB or serial download cables
User-programmable alarms

Tinytag Talk 2

Compact, cost-effective loggers to measure temperature, voltage and current.

Tinytag Talk 2 loggers are the size of a 35mm film canister. Lightweight and economical, these loggers are available to measure temperature with a built-in sensor or probe. Also available there are voltage and current loggers. The loggers have a low battery monitor, 16,000 readings capacity and a fast response.
Tinytag Talk 2 range of dataloggers are an improved version of the Tinytalk range of temperature, current and voltage data loggers.


16,000 readings capacity
High accuracy and reading resolution
Fast data offload
Low battery monitor
User-programmable alarms
User-replaceable battery
USB or serial download cables

Tinytag View 2

Loggers to measure temperature and humidity with a display.
Tinytag View 2s are all housed in an attractive IP65 case and have an integral display. All feature high reading accuracy and resolution, 30,000 readings capacity, a fast offload speed and a low battery monitor. Dual channel temperature and relative humidity Tinyviews are also supplied in grey cases for discreet monitoring in museums and art galleries.
Versions are available to measure temperature, temperature and humidity, and temperature with external thermistor, PT100 or PT1000 probes. Uniquely there is a unit that measures temperature and humidity with an external 1m probe.


LCD display of current readings
30,000 readings capacity
High accuracy and reading resolution
Fast data offload
Splashproof case
Low battery monitor and battery low indicator
Programmable alarms
Optional audible alarm box
USB and serial download cables

Tinytag Hand-held

Temperature and humidity spot reading and data logging hand-held devices.
Units that can provide spot readings, without the need for Tinytag Explorer Software, and can also function as a data logger when used in conjunction with the software and connection cable.


Fast response
Clear LCD display switchable between °C and °F
Readily available user replaceable batteries
Low battery indication
Can optionally be used as a data logger with a 32,000 readings capacity
Compact slim line case

Tinytag Plus

Robust, waterproof loggers to measure shock and vibration.

The Tinytag Plus shock and vibration data loggers are housed in robust, waterproof (IP68) rated cases that are designed for use in harsh and outdoor applications. Commonly used to monitor delicate valuable shipments such as works of art.



Robust waterproof cases (IP68)
Low-cost cable download
2 user-programmable alarms
2 delayed start options
3 stop options
User-replaceable battery
USB or serial connection

Tinytag Plus IS

A range of robust, intrinsically safe loggers to measure temperature and humidity.

The Tinytag Plus Intrinsically Safe data loggers are an ATEX approved range of temperature and humidity recorders designed for use in hazardous areas.
Housed in robust, anti-static cases these units provide cost-effective and safe environmental monitoring in ex-rated areas. These units are commonly used in gas and petroleum installations, condition and process monitoring, weapons lifting and storage and chemical sterilisation.


ATEX certified
Robust, anti-static case
Low cost USB or Serial cable download
2 user-programmable alarms
Delayed and trigger-start options
User-replaceable battery

Tinytag Plus RE-ED

A range of voltage, current and count loggers that can be used with a wide range of sensors.

A range of data loggers that record voltage, current and count inputs, and can be connected to a variety of sensors to make specialist data loggers for a wide range of applications.
Available as a standard data logger that can be supplied in a robust and waterproof case or uncased for OEM users to build into their own equipment and as XP units that are capable of powering an external sensor. Free software is available to program the unit to match the transfer function of the sensor and enable the user to select or define suitable units for display.


Delayed start option
3 stop options
2 user-programmable alarms
User-replaceable battery
Free transfer function programming software
USB or Serial download cables

Tinytag Aquatic 2

Loggers for measuring temperature that can be submerged at depth for long periods.

Loggers in this range have been designed for long-term immersion.


Robust and completely waterproof case

Tinytag Splash 2

Loggers specifically designed for high temperature environments such as washer disinfectors and dishwashers.

Waterproof, with a temperature rating of 102°C, this unit is suitable for use in a number of washing applications such as industrial dishwashers.
The unit has a high visibility yellow case and an external probe which gives it a fast response time. Unlike its predecessor, the unit can be returned for battery replacement, calibration and repair.
Data is downloaded to the computer via a USB or serial download pad. This ‘wireless connection’ eliminates the need for sockets with waterproof caps which can easily be lost or forgotten.


Submersible temperature recorder
Waterproof to 15m
32,000 reading capacity
User-programmable logging interval
2 user-programmable alarms
Delayed and trigger-start options
3 stop options
Low battery warning

Tinytag Wireless

Wireless data loggers - an easy to set-up and ready to use temperature and humidity wireless system with data logging capability.

This Tinytag wireless data logging system consists of a receiver which is connected to a PC and a number of radio loggers (or wireless data loggers). Each radio logger is a self-contained, battery powered unit that can receive, log, store and transmit data to other radio loggers, as well as the central receiver.

Each radio logger (or wireless data logger) has a line of sight range of up to 200 metres, but there is no limit to the number of loggers you can have, or to how far away you have them. Data will always find its way back to the PC because it can be relayed from one logger to another logger in range, until it finds its way back to the receiver. The loggers will dynamically adjust to deal with obstructions. If a logger is unable to find a path back to the receiver, its data is stored locally until such time as a path becomes available.

This combination of features delivers a very robust radio network which ensures that data is never lost during transmission. The radio software provides mechanisms for third party integration using Modbus or http accessible CSV files. This software is also fully compatible with 'wired' Tinytag products and existing users will find the interface familiar. Data from the receiver can be accessed over a network.


Radio licence-free and frequency, 869.8 MHz (EU version)
Self-configuring and easy to set up
Self-contained and battery powered
Local cache can store 2 weeks of readings
Low battery warning
User-replaceable batteries
Local recording
Fast access to information
Remote alarm signalling via e-mail
SMS messaging supported
Cost efficient


Thermistor probes

A range of thermistor probes for use with Tinytag data loggers. Designed to meet the demands of a wide variety of applications, this range of probes includes fast response probes for temperature profiling, surface probes for the recording of pipe work temperatures, armoured probes for use in meat processing and probes for use in composting. Many of the probes in this range have a moulded construction, making them waterproof (IP68 rated) and suitable for use in damp or submerged locations.

PT100 probes

A range of probes for use with our Tinytag and Tinytalk data loggers. Designed for use in high temperature applications these probes are both waterproof (IP68 rated) and robust.

PT100 Talk probes

PT100 probes for use with Tinytag Talk 2 and Tinytalk data loggers.

PT1000 probes

PT1000 probes for use with our Tinytag and Tinytag View 2 data loggers. These probes are designed for low (cryogenic) temperature applications and are both waterproof (IP68 rated) and robust. 

Radio Probes

These probes are for use with the Tinytag Radio range for products. If you dont see what you need here please contact us as other types of probe can be manufactured on request.

Tinytag Explorer Software

An invaluable data logging software package, that makes configuring, viewing and analysis of data so easy.

Tinytag Explorer is an intuitive Windows program for all Tinytag data loggers. A step-by-step launch page provides a simple guide to set up of a logger and a printable confirmation screen verifies your settings.

Offloaded data can be presented either as a summary or in detailed, configurable graphical or tabular views. Data is presented graphically by default, with simple navigation features that allow you to zoom in and scroll through your data. Axes can also be rescaled, line colours changed and notes added for clearer presentation. Also unwanted data can be masked using a 'top and tail feature'. Graphs are also dynamically linked to the tabular and information views, so that changing the view magnification automatically updates the other views. All three views can be exported into MS Excel and Word, either by file export or copy and paste.

Data from multiple logging runs or multiple loggers can be easily combined into the same graph or table, allowing easier analysis of that data using the comprehensive overlay features.

The software also includes a comprehensive, illustrated help file to take you through the basics as well as the more advanced features and a printed getting started guide.

There are minimum specifications to run Tinytag Explorer and a licence agreement that you should be aware of.



A range of connection cables and plugs for use with Tinytag data loggers.

Logger accessories

A range of accessories to use with Tinytag data loggers.

Service Kits

Service Kits for Tinytag data loggers that include everything required to service a data logger. Each pack comes with full instructions on how to service a data logger.

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Tinytag Calibration

UKAS traceable calibration certificates for Tinytag data loggers and data recorders are available upon request.
Calibration certificates can be supplied at the point-of-purchase or if units are returned for a service calibration. Data loggers that are returned for a service calibration will also have their battery and any seals or desiccant packs replaced.

Our standard calibration points are:

Temperature: 0 and 30°C
Humidity: 20 to 80 % RH (at 25°C)

These points have been chosen to give good coverage for general purpose use, but should you wish to specify other points we can calibrate units within the following ranges:

Temperature: -20 to +150 °C
Humidity: 20 to 90 % RH (at 25°C)

For details on returning data loggers for a service calibration, please contact your nearest distributor. Customers who have purchased data loggers directly from us, Gemini Data Loggers (UK) Ltd., should return them with a completed copy of our Calibration Product Returns Form (below) to:

The Calibration Department
Gemini Data Loggers (UK) Ltd.
Scientific House
Terminus Road
PO19 8UJ

Please also follow the guidelines for Transporting Data Loggers with Lithium Batteries.

Order codes and pricing for a service calibration are as follows:

CAL-9002 service calibration (single channel data Logger): £45.00
CAL-9004 service calibration (dual channel data logger): £65.00
CAL-9006 service calibration (four channel data logger): £75.00
CAL-9001 extra points: £10.00 (each)

Return carriage for a service calibration in mainland UK will be £9.95 (quotes for other destinations are available upon request).

All prices quoted above are in Pounds Sterling (GBP) and do not include VAT.

* Please Note: We cannot guarantee to calibrate data loggers with a serial number below 100,000. Please contact your supplier for further information.

If you are thinking of buying new loggers and you need them to be calibrated at the point-of purchase, please click here to find out more about the Tinytag initial calibration.

For any further question please e-mail or phone +44 (0)1243 813007

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