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Gemini Tec have been at the forefront of PCB layout since 1978, with highly experienced and skilled design engineers providing a PCB layout and design service using the latest Altium PCB design layout tools. We are fully conversant with a wide range of electronic desings, including DDR3 and micro via PCB technology.

Surface Mount PCB assembly

Our surface mount production facility is equipped with five Mycronic surface mount machines, including two fully automated Synergy lines with jet printing, automatic board loading, transportation handling and oven reflow. We are suited to small to medium volume pick and place assembly contracts for BGA based products

BGA assembly

Gemini Tec is a well-respected supplier of technology manufacturing services, with a range of leading edge tools to match. Since the early 1990's G-Tec has been manufacturing surface mount PCB assemblies with BGA & leadless devices.

PoP, Package-on-Package assembly

We provide a PCB assembly service to cater for package-on-package (PoP) devices along with full range of BGA technology devices. We are the only UK manufacture equipped with two, state-of-the-art, solder jet printers, providing our customers fast access to this PCB manufacturing technology.

Advanced SMT & PCB assembly

Gemini is the only UK CEM operating with two, state-of-the-art jet printers, providing unrivalled technical capability and product quality for SMT and complex PCB manufacturing. We support customers with rapid prototypes to medium volume production.

Conformal Coating PCB assemblies

We operate a sophisticated and automated process to selectively coat PCB assemblies. Utilising our leading edge PVA coating system, we can selectively coat PCB assemblies with conformal coating. Full board cleaning is available in house.

Solder jet printing for complex SMT assemblies

Gemini Tec use world-class technology within its surface mount production process. Solder jet printing applies the solder paste directly to the PCB, for high yield SMT assembly - without the need to use stencils.

Surface mount PCB assembly, Rapid prototypes

Gemini Tec are re-known experts in rapid delivery prototypes for surface mount PCB assemblies. We enjoy a long established reputation for on-time delivery.  We engineer and commence manufacturing on over 800 new NPI/prototypes every year, with manufacturing capability designed to for speed and flexibility.

CEM & EMS services, Electronic product assembly for PCB's

Gemini Tec has over 40 years experience in PCB assembly and PCB manufacturing, providing a highly flexible CEM/EMS services. We offer a complete contract manufacturing service for surface mount PCB products, from prototype & NPI to small & medium batch production.

CEM & EMS services, ICT, product test and validation for PCB's

Gemini Tec will help implement a range of testing strategies for your products, offering a wide array of test solutions. Products can be configured, programmed and tested prior to sub-assembly or customer delivery. Including J-Tag testing, functional test and flying probe test.

PTH and wave soldering for printed circuit boards

Second stage PCB assembly, along with double-sided PCB assemblies with conventional components can be manufactured using our CMS400 wave-soldering machine. Automated PTH assembly is used to provide a cost effective product assembly, along with a consistent quality of PCB assemblies to our customers.

BGA & SMT rework capability

Gemini Tec have been manufacturing with BGA & leadless devices since the early 1990’s, and offer a full range of capabilities, to design, manufacture and re-work products. Our team of experienced technicians are able to support a range of SMT & PCB related products.

Printed circuit boards

Gemini Tec has provided printed circuit boards to its customers since 1978. We are highly experienced in all aspects of PCB manufacturing and engineering. Our knowledge base and in-house technical expertise will ensure this core component is manufactured correctly and to specification.

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