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Here at GEN3 Systems, we specialise in providing electronic assembly training, using our extensive knowledge to help you determine the most suitable process control for your production process.

Our extensive electronic assembly training and consultancy services include:

  • Conformal Coating
  • Cleaning and Cleanliness Testing
  • Electro-Chemical Migration issues that involve both SIR and CAF
  • Solderability issues for both circuit boards and components
  • Selection of Synergistically Compatible process materials - Flux, Paste, Clean/No-clean, Coat/No-coat
  • Trouble-shooting and resolution of assembly process defects

Electronic System Testing

We provide electronic system testing services using our fully equipped test service facility. Our fully trained and professional team provide electronic system testing for material manufacturers and users to characterise their materials.

Our testing services include:

  • Solderability
  • Cleanliness
  • SIR
  • CAF
  • Solder paste analysis
Electronic System Testing

Electronic Consultancy

We provide electronic consultancy for leading companies and tailor our services to suit individual requirements. We are experienced in providing electronic consultancy services for:

  • Conformal coating
  • Solderability testing
  • CAF and SIR measurement 
  • Cleaning and cleanliness testing
Electronic Consultancy

Electrical Product Inspection

We specialise in electrical product inspection using high-end equipment  to check for component presence, type, polarity, offset, text and solder joint quality for both volume and profile. Our electrical product inspection methods include:

  • Visual
  • AOI
  • Flexible vision microscopes
  • SPI
  • Comparators
Electrical Product Inspection

Electrical Component Soldering

We provide selective and component re-finishing electrical component soldering services. Selective electrical component soldering simplifies the soldering process as it features an over the top laser positioning system for easy alignment to pin point the position of the solder joint. Component re-finishing is used to remove and replace component surface finishes.

Electrical Component Soldering

Electronic Component Rework

We specialise in electronic component rework services including SMT and BGA rework and coating reworking. Our electronic component rework fineplacer core system provides a single platform to perform processes including:

  • Melt solder and remove the defective component with a specialized nozzle design
  • Residual solder removal using a contactless process - done in a single sweep, it produces safe, reproducible cleaning
  • Printing of solder paste on PCB, direct component printing or dispensing
  • Reball either a single defective ball or an entire array
  • Placement and reflow of new component ensuring accurate alignment
Electronic Component Rework

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