Generator Installers UK


As generator installers we can provide solutions for every scenario when it comes to generator installation. Back-up power generators can be located in many places and for many reasons. We install generators for people and businesses that simply can't afford to have their power go out unexpectedly for any period of time.

Plug-in home generators

Our Plug-in Systems are  set up by our team of qualified electricians to enable your generator to power your home. When the power goes out just plug in your generator, flip the switch and start up the generator.

Manual switch home generators

With the Manual Switch System the power generator is already installed so the advantage is that only a Transfer Switch needs to be engaged in the event of power failure. Switchover is quicker meaning power can be restored faster and with less intervention.

Automatic backup generator systems

With an automatic backup generator system there is no intervention needed and you can rely on your generator to automatically begin powering up your home in the event of a power outage.

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