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By using non-invasive, non contact Thermal Imaging cameras on electrical systems we can safely detect heat anomalies and failing equipment by its heat signature, saving you time and money by preventing equipment downtime. Whether it’s in a factory, offshore or overseas, we can tailor a survey to meet your requirements. Our increasing client-base and annual repeat of business is a testament to our operational skill and equipment effectiveness in preventing downtime and improving your bottom line.

Ultrasound Surveys - Leak Detection

Ultrasound leak detection provides another safe means to find a wide range of high or low pressure hydrocarbon and compressed air leaks. Leaks are quickly detected using our Ex rated Ultrasound probe since the by-product of any leak type is turbulent flow and cavitation flow in vacuum leaks both of which generate Ultrasound, sound that is above our hearing range.  Using our Ultrasound probe we can effectively pinpoint leaks in onshore refineries, offshore process platforms and industrial operations using compressed air circuits to exponentially improve safety and save money by inhibiting explosive atmospheres and limiting energy usage to maintain the compressed air leak. 

Ultrasound Surveys - Bearing Failure Checks

Using our Ultrasound probe on rotating and reciprocating equipment has many industrial advantages, such as detecting the earliest stage of bearing failure and bearing lubrication issues. Surveys can be: 1.Comparative: compare same type bearings and note deviations. 2. Historical: establish a trend over time of measured values or 3. Analytical: utilise analysis software to store, trend and report findings. Ultrasound can be used on all bearing types and speeds and effectively used in detecting failing bearings to prevent costly downtime and unplanned repairs.

High Voltage Partial Discharge (HVPD) Surveys

Using the latest technology in HVPD (>1000V) handheld and fixed position detectors, we can survey your substation, electrical switchgear, utility network, factory or offshore drilling rig / vessel for the early signs of harmful Partial Discharge activity such as: Arching, Tracking and Corona before it manifests into a serious electrical downtime failure. Using our fixed, continuous conditioning monitoring systems we can remotely monitor your systems from anywhere in the world to provide critical information about the insulation quality and harmful HVPD activity should it araise, on a 24/7 basis.

Infrared Inspection Windows - Supply & Retro-fitting

We supply and retro-fit all types of Infrared windows. Infrared inspection windows permit a safe and permanent viewing access into energized electrical switchboards and facility-wide distribution equipment to allow safe electrical inspections without disturbing operations. The inspection windows provide an easy way for companies and personnel to comply with NFPA 70E and insurance mandates, by proactively protecting workers by reducing electrocution and arc-flash risk. The CorDEx range of infrared window are rated to 11Kv and have an ABS approval certification.

Thermal Imaging - Building Surveys - Industrial / Comercial / Domestic

To improve fuel costs and emissions to the environment you shoud use our Thermal Imaging Building Surveys to identify thermal bridging, missing and insulation defects, mold growth, damp, leaking underfloor heating systems, furthermore record evidence concerning the continuity of insulation in new builds and extensions before purchase.  If your property isn’t sufficiently insulated you are simply wasting money in unnecessary fuel costs.  Industrial and commercial buildings can also benefit from a Thermal Imaging survey to help improve costs of heating, energy efficiency and emissions.

Gas Find Infrared Imaging - Locating Gas & Air Leaks in Refineries

We have the FLIR gas-find infrared camera, to visually locate gaseous emssions from leaking process piping, flanges and conections in petro-checmical refineries and offshore platforms. The Gas-find camera is effecive in sensing numerous gases and effectively deployed to locate leaks where traditional leak sniffer tests cannot reach.

Gas Find Infrared Imaging - Locating Gas & Air Leaks in Refineries

Thermal Imaging Camera Hire

We have a range of high quality Thermal Imaging infrared cameras available for either short or long term hire at competitive rates. Please call or email for further information.

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