Geolink (Uk) Ltd.

Since 2004 Geolink (UK) Ltd is part of Sondex plc. which reorganized into two divisions: the Wireline division, embracing the original Sondex product line; and the Drilling division, incorporating Geolink products. Subsequent Drilling acquisitions include Sondex Drilling Tools Inc. (formerly Blue Star Tools Inc.) based in Canada; and Ultima Labs based in the USA.

Sondex design, manufacture and supply equipment for oilfield service companies wordwide.  
  • Survey Tools Well Tracer survey on connection.
  • MWD Tools Mud Pulse and Electromagnetic Systems including retrievable/reseatable Pilot MWD.
  • LWD Tools Gamma Ray, Pressure During Drilling, Induction Resistivity and Propagation Resistivity.
  • Components Surface Systems, Directional Sensor packages, Gamma Sensors and Pulsers.
  • Ultima Labs MWD Sensors, Boards, Components and Industrial Control systems.
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