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We are one of the last remaining forge masters in the UK and our success in forgings is based on our ability to recognise modern trends and react quickly and accordingly.

Whatever your forgings requirements, we can help you and we pride ourselves on being able to meet your specifications.

Drop Forgings

We deal with a wide range of forging types and forging requirements including drop forgings. We can help you with the sourcing of all your forging needs thus giving you a single forging source.

Drop forgings are very well suited to provide components that are complex in shape and to small volumes.

Drop Forgings

Press Forgings

Our forging types also include press forgings and we can combine your expectations with a stringent delivery service.

Press forgings are ideally suited for use where a product is of a simpler shape and of a higher volume requirement.

Press Forgings

Upset Forgings

If you are looking for upset forgings then, as we are specialists in bespoke forging, we can help you .

Upset forging is commonly used for shapes that are required for pre-prepared stock. All our forgings can be supplied in a range of materials including carbon, alloy steels and micro-alloyed steels in any heat treated conditions.

Upset Forgings

Forging Services

As part of our forging services we can manufacture forgings from weights of a few grammes to 85 kg. Our forging hammer ratings range from 800 kgm right up to 6,300 kgm and the forging presses have a forging force ranging from 150 tonnes to 2,800 tonnes.

Our forging services includes:

  • Grinding
  • Finishing
  • Magnetic particle and ultra sonic crack detection
  • Cold calibration
  • Shot blasting
  • Plating
  • Painting
  • And a range of machine processes
Forging Services

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