George Emmott (Pawsons) Ltd


We specialise in the supply of spring clips, spring pressing and flat springs. Flat springs can take on a variety of forms, from simple leaf springs operating in a single plane to a complex clip action operating in several planes at the same time.

Clock Type Springs

Clock type springs are so named because of their function as energy stores in clocks where a torsional effect is required through a large number of revolutions. We manufacture a wide range of clock type springs including open spiral and close coiled. They are suitable for applications including cable reel retraction and torsional counterbalancing.


We specialise in compression springs. We accommodate any size of wire or bar, and will manufacture compression springs to meet customer requirements using spring steels, stainless, phosphor and a range of more exotic alloys.

Constant Force

Constant force springs include a tightly coiled wound band of pre-hardened spring steel or stainless steel strip. When extended a constant force is exerted and this is maintained as the spring is allowed to close. 

Waved Washers

We are internationally renowned for our series of waved washers used to pre-load bearings in electric motors. Recent developments have enabled us to address diverse applications in situations where relatively high loads are required from limited deflections, for example seals and valves. Split or slotted waved washers can be produced also and materials range from spring and stainless steel to copper and nickel alloys. 

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