Geotechnical Engineering Ltd


We employ around 40 professionally qualified staff, specialising in geotechnical engineering, geoenvironmental services and ground investigation.  All teams range from graduates to chartered professionals with more than twenty years’ experience and a range of industry specific and health and safety (IOSH) qualifications.

We regularly undertake the design and planning of site investigations, supplying where required, Phase 1 desk study reports, Phase 2 Ground Investigation and Phase 3 remediation planning.

Our site investigations are typically managed and supervised by our engineering teams.  From relatively small projects through to large scale site investigations for major schemes, we routinely carry out fieldwork supervision, soil and rock logging, trial, pitting, in situ testing, surveying and monitoring of groundwater and gas.

Results for fieldwork and laboratory testing are usually incorporated into a report.  This can take the form of factual data but geotechnical recommendations and interpretation can be included.  The geoenvironmental team also provide human health risk assessments, ground water risk assessment remediation strategies and verification reports.

Drilling Services

Geotechnical Engineering Limited provide a unique solutions for what is often considered to be a very tradional discipline within Civil Engineering.  We have invested heavily in researh and development.  Our drilling capabilites included:

  • Heavy duty dynamic sampling to 20m depth, to obtain near-undisturbed continuous samples of up to 112mm diameter, retained in a plastic liner.
  • Rotary core drilling to 120m+ depth to obtain continuous rock cores of up to 112mm diameter, using a range of drilling flushes in vertical or angled holes.
  • In-situ sampling and testing to BS EN 1997-2:2007 standards, including Category A thin wall (70 and 100mm) and psiton sampling, SPTs and packer testing.
  • Hollow stem auger boring to 30m depth, forming holes of up to 300mm diameter and allowing the installation of standpipes of up to 150mm diameter.
  • Rotary percussive and open-hole drilling to over 150m depth.
  • Installations and instrumentation: from simple standpipes and inclinometers to vibrating wire piezometers and extensometers.

Slope Climbing Rigs

Geotechnical Engineering Ltd's more recent innovations include the specialist slope climbing rigs, capable of traversing and working on slopes of up to 45 degrees, negating the need for the expensive and time consuming erection of scaffold platforms, crane lifts and corresponding attendeaces.  This technology has been further developed to install electrodes on slopes to facilitate electorkinetic stablisation

In Situ testing and Monitoring Service

We carry out a range of tests in accordance with BS1377 including plate bearing tests, in situ CBR's, sand replacment density testing and theremal and electrical resiistvy measurements.  We also offer dynamic cone penetrometer and mexecone testing.


Soil and Rock Testing

We provide a comprehensive soil and rock testing service at our purpose built laboratory in Gloucester. Our services cover routine classification through to complex data-logged shear box and effective stress tests.

Our dedicated laboratory team is trained in soil and rock testing to BS1377 standards and ISRM approved methods respectively.  Staff are encouraged to complete NVQ Level 2 in Laboratory and Associated Technical Activities.  We operate a quality system certified to ISO17025 and accredited by UKAS.

We have long standing relationships with other MCERTS and UKAS accredited contamination testing laboratories, making it possible for us to sub-contract specialist geoenvironmental testing.

Utility Clearance and Mapping

We are able to accurately identify the map utilities within a survey area, using a combination of RD8000 CAT+ genny and Ground Probing Radar.  Services are marked out on site and depth measurements are recorded.  All finding can be collated and presented in the form of CAD drawing of the site.

Land and Topographic Surveying

Our trained survey teams use up-to-date technology to map the feature of various sites, creating detailed drawings and plans in a number of different formats.

Vacuum Excavation Drilling Services

Our vacuum excavators provide an intrinsically safe of method of avoiding dangerous and expensive utility strikes.  In line with HSG47 industry best practice, this method eliminates the risk from damage to buried services, whether it be checking known services or pre-drilling at borehole positions.

Electrokinetic Slope Stabilisation

This innovative method of slope remediation involves the introduction of an electrical potential difference across the ground. This induces elector-osmotic flow of ground water pressure, resulting in consolidation of the soil.

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