Geppert Rührtechnik GmbH


Geppert Rührtechnik is specialist for agitation technology and manufactures the following products:

Container agitators volume of 650 - 1000 l, with a power of 0.5 - 1 kW, a speed of 200 - 1500 1/min with a maximum wavelength of 800 - 1000 mm.

Compressed-air stirring machines for example as drum stirrers for a maximum product viscosity of 50 - 1000 mPas, 0.37 – 1.0 kW net output, a speed of 300 - 3000 1/min and a maximum wavelength of 750 mm.

Drum stirrers in form of electrical drum stirrers, compressed-air drum stirrers and standard stirrers with a maximum speed of 3000 1/min.

Various stirring and mixing appliances for the branches like top-entry mixer, tripod agitators, geared agitators, container agitator or drum agitators in different models and sizes.

Different tripod agitators with models like stand tripod, mobile tripod, wall stand tripods, double column tripods and small tripods.

Other products are explosion-proof stirrers, agitators for sewage treatment, agitators for the pharmaceutical industry, universal mixing and kneading machines, compulsory-type mixers for bulk materials and more.

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