GGB helps create a world of motion with minimal frictional loss through plain bearing and surface engineering technologies.

GGB’s wide choice of bearing materials includes metal-polymer, engineered plastics, fiber reinforced composite, metals and bimetals, bushing blocks and thrust plates as well as specialized housings and assemblies all available in standard or custom sizes and shapes, and manufactured to precise spécifications.

Plain bearings are usually cylindrical in shape and contain no moving parts. Standard configurations include cylindrical bearings, flanged bearings, thrust washers and flanged thrust washers and sliding plates of various shapes. They also can be made to custom designs.

With R&D, testing and production facilities in the United States, Germany, France, Brazil, Slovakia and China, GGB partners with customers worldwide on customized tribological design solutions that are efficient and environmentally sustainable. GGB’s engineers bring their expertise and passion for tribology to a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace and industrial manufacturing.

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  1. Anti-Friction Bearings

    Anti-Friction Bearings

    GGB's antifriction plain bearings and bushings provide numerous benefits across a wide range of industries and applications, including aerospace, automotive, construction, energy, industrial, recreational and many more.

    Over 60 years ago, GGB invented the original antifriction bearings and bushings DU® and DX® that quickly became the industrial standard in high performance plain bearing solutions.

    With the constant increase in customer demands and expectations for superior plain bearing performance, GGB's bearing range now includes over 50 distinctive antifriction bearing types including for example, DP4HI-EX®GAR-MAX®HSGEP™ range, GGB-CSM® and GGB-CBM® products.

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  2. AuGlide™ Bimetal Lead-Free Plain Bearings

    AuGlide™ Bimetal Lead-Free Plain Bearings

    Lead-free and machinable, the GGB AuGlide™ bearings feature a bimetal composition—steel backing and a bronze overlay—that earns RoHS compliance. They support high specific loads and offer superior performance under oscillating movements. 

    Among many uses for these bearings, AuGlide™ bimetal bearings will most notably benefit transmissions and truck brakes as well as agricultural, mechanical handling and lifting applications. They boast a high load capacity and very good resistance to fatigue strength at high temperatures.

    Key benefits of GGB AuGlide™ include:

    • Design freedom - customizable to meet specific indentation and shape needs
    • Corrosion resistance
    • Excellent fatigue strength under dynamic and shock load conditions
    • Suitability for oil and grease lubrication
    • Extra strength and rigidity with its steel backing

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  3. Bearings to Specification

    Bearings to Specification

    GGB offer custom designed bearings made to your precise specifications. We specialise in the design and manufacture of bearings from metals and bimetals, metal-polymers, solid polymers and filament wound options, along with thrust plates and bushing blocks, and all the necessary bearing assembly items.

    Using our bearings helps to reduce noise levels within working equipment, prevents friction and wear within mechanisms, and therefore eliminates the need for costly repairs and downtime. Our bearings have been shown to provide superior performance to needle bearings with a larger contact surface giving better load carrying and impact resistance.

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  4. Bronze Bearings

    Bronze Bearings

    Solid bronze and bi-metallic bronze overlay bearings are available from GGB in various different forms - cylindrical bushes, flanged bushes, sliding plates, thrust washers and segment rings. A bronze bearing provides you with long service life, low noise levels when in use, excellent resistance to corrosion, and requires minimal maintenance once it has been installed.

    Our solid bronze bearings are designed in accordance with ISO 4379 and is for use in general engineering applications when lubricated with either oil or grease. We also have various sintered bronze options, including the GGB-BP25 bearing and the cast bronze DB for high load capacity and heavy duty work.

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  5. Bushing Blocks

    Bushing Blocks

    GGB´s bushing blocks and thrust plates are customized assemblies designed in collaboration with customers that specialize in hydraulic external gear pumps and motors. 

    GGB has a long history and a proven record of achievement in the technical design, high precision machining, assembly and global supply of high performance hydrodynamic bearing solutions offering:

    The bushing blocks and thrust plates are designed with proprietary engineered materials using specialized bearing aluminum alloys assembled with wear resistant low friction metal-polymer bearings that provide an ideal tribology solution in demanding applications

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  6. Custom Made Bearings

    Custom Made Bearings

    GGB can take orders and plans from customers for bushings and bearings for any type of application. We have over a thousand expert engineering staff working around the world and have worked for 30,000 clients in industries from automotive and aerospace, to precision engineering and hydroelectric power. We operate in line the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certifications.

    We can create bearings for you using materials including solid polymers, metals and bi-metals, metal-polymer mixtures, and filament wound. All the necessary accessories, plummer blocks, and thrust washers can also be supplied. The bearings can be manufactured in cylindrical form, flanged, split bushing, or segment rings.

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  7. DP10


    GGB DP10 Metal-Polymer Anti-Friction Plain Bearings offer good wear and low friction performance over a wide range of loads, speeds and temperatures in dry running conditions.

    Key Benefits :

    • Very good performance in lubricated applications particularly in marginally lubricated applications
    • Suitable for linear, oscillating and rotating movements
    • Lead-free material compliant to EVL, WEEE, and RoHS specifications

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  8. DP4-B™ Strip S10180DP4B

    DP4-B™ Strip S10180DP4B
    DP4-B™ Strip S10180DP4B - metal-polymer composite material - dimensions: 500 x 193/180 x 0,99mm, weight in kg: 0.495
  9. DTS10


    DTS10® Metal-Polymer Hydrodynamic Composite Bearings

    Key Benefits:

    • The first polymer-lined precision bearing for lubricated conditions offering low friction and high wear resistance that is designed to be machined on-site for tight tolerances
    • Excellent wear resistance and low friction in lubricated hydraulic applications
    • Excellent chemical resistance, fatigue strength, cavitation and flow erosion resistance, and good behavior in dry start-up conditions
    • A minimum overlay thickness of 0.1 mm permits, under carefully controlled conditions, machining of the assembled bore for improved dimensional tolerance and reduced geometric defects, while retaining a thin layer of PTFE sliding surface
    • Compatible with most standard machining processes including turning, broaching, reaming, and milling
    • Lead-free material compliant to EVL, WEEE, and RoHS specifications
  10. DU-B Metal-Polymer Bronze Backed PTFE Plain Bearing

    DU-B Metal-Polymer Bronze Backed PTFE Plain Bearing

    GGB DU-B Metal-Polymer Bronze Backed PTFE Plain Bearing offer very good wear and low friction performance over a wide range of loads, speeds and temperatures in dry running conditions.

    Key Benefits:

    • Suitable for lubricated applications
    • Suitable for linear, oscillating and rotating movements
    • Bronze back offers improved corrosion resistance in humid/saline environments
    • Approved to standard EN 1337-2 for structural bearings for civil engineering

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