GH-Tec Maschinenbau GmbH


The company and the construction site of GH-TEC Maschinenbau in Mindelheim goes back to a hammer mill which was purchased by the family Otto Kleiner in 1842. Diverse products and parts made of metal were manufactured by them over generations. The production of the hapfo lathe, that was a great success during the following decades, started in 1975.

The sales division was run by the independent sales company Hapfo until 2005. In 2002, the company Schmiedel took over the production. In 2006, the GH-Tec Maschinenbau GmbH was founded and adopted the production as well as the marketing and started operating in Mindelheim.

GH-Tec Maschinenbau GmbH

GH-Tec Maschinenbau GmbH runs two business areas: The contract manufacturing of turned and milled parts for various customers in southern Germany as well as the production and manufacturing of pole lathes with the worldwide renowned brand name hapfo.

Our products:
• lathes for woodworking
• CNC milled parts
• metal milling services
• CNC milling services
• CNC 4 axis milling services
• CNC milled parts of aluminium
• CNC machining services
• CNC metal processing
• milled parts for mechanical engineering
• machining services

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