Gibbs Gears Precision Engineers Ltd


Gibbs Gears Precision Engineers are gear manufacturers serving both the UK and worldwide markets with top quality precision gears.

Gear Cutting and Machining

Gibbs Gears have over 50 years experience in the machining and cutting of a range of precision gears for the following industry sectors: Aerospace, Medical, MOD & Defence, Automotive & Motorsport, Marine, Oil & Petrochemical, Off highway gears, along with bespoke requests. We can provide gear cutting and machining to exact customer specifications, along with a complete manufacturing solution, or a gear cutting only basis. Our gear cutting and gear machining services include:

CNC Gear Hobbing
CNC Shaping (Straight & Helical)
CNC Worm Milling
CNC Worm Wheel Tangential Cutting
Gear Rack Cutting
Bevel Gear Cutting - Coniflex & Straight
Spiral Bevel Machining & Cutting

Helical Gear Manufacturing

We have the capability in manufacturing complete internal & external bespoke helical gears in standard and exotic materials. Helical or Dry fixed gears offer a refinement over spur gears. 

Spur Gear Capabilities

Our extensive gear manufacturing facility enables us to offer a rapid turnaround service on various types of spur gear components and gearboxes. 

Splines and Shafts

Highly skilled engineers and resources enabling us to manufacture the following spline types: Involute Splines, Parallel Key Spline, Crowned Splines, Serrations, Helical Splines.

Custom Built Gearboxes & Assembly Services

Gibbs Gears manufacture small and large custom built special purpose gearboxes for varying applications globally. We have a dedicated clean room assembly area where gearboxes and sub assemblies are built and rigorous tested before dispatch.

Gearbox Repair & Refurbishment

In the event of your gearbox breaking down or a planned maintenance check, we offer a prompt gear box repair and refurbishment service. We can offer a rapid gearbox rebuild or refurbishment service for Spur, Helical, Worm and Bevel Gearboxes up to a maximum weight of 100 kilos.

Gear Racks & Pinion Gears

We manufacture and supply rack and pinion gears in standard and exotic materials. 

Bevel Gear Manufacturer

There are four types of bevel gears we manufacture at Gibbs, which include: Straight Bevel Gears, Zero Bevel Gears, Spiral Bevel Gears and Hypoid Bevel Gears.

Worm and Wheel Gears

Gibbs Gears Precision Engineers machine and manufacture custom worm and wheel gears to client specifications. 

Planetary & Epicyclic Gears

We have the capabilities and in-depth knowledge for the manufacture of custom planetary gears, sun gears and epicyclic gears.

Standard Gear Products

We manufacture and stock a range of high quality gear boxes, such as: Anti-backlash worm and wheel and Cross helical gear boxes. 


Plain carbon steels, Nitriding steels, Heat treated carbon steel, Phospher bronze, Aluminium bronze, Brass C2121, All stainless steels 300 series, 400 series, Titanium, Aviation grade alloys 6082 T6 and 2000 series, Synthetic materials such as Nylon and Delrin, Forgings and castings (cast iron) and Exotic materials for sub sea industries.

Quality & Inspection

Our quality control department is furnished with the latest CMM machinery and metrology equipment for the inspection of quality precision gears. We have rigorous quality control procedures in place, along with being AS9100 Rev C and BS EN ISO 9001:2008 approved.

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