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GID Quantor - Effective Solutions for data transfer and backup

GID FMM - File Migration Manager Software
  • Provides over 20% cost savings through increased storage efficiency
  • Eliminates "out-of-diskspace" events
  • The "second-copy" feature, reduces or eliminates the need for data backup
  • Reduces system administration time spent monitoring storage systems
  • Provides a robust "first-tier" ILMserver level management system for file level and fixed content data
  • Reduces network usage with compression and unique "See through" file viewing
  • "Copy on close" feature provides automatic migration when a file is closed. Allows for immediate creation of a second copy which can be immediately sent to a second location.

GID DCP/DataView and /or GID CDxPRESS with Rimage Automatic CD/DVD Producer

  • GID DCP/DataView is a comprehensive system to index, archive and retrieve data coming from various sources. With its powerful user interface the index information can be defined easily.
  • CDxPress software can be used for the automatic delivery of the required data via FTP.
  • CDxPress automatically downloads the necessary data subject to pre-defined security criteria.
  • CDxPress generates complete and distribution-ready media with imprint and table of contents.
  • CDxPress monitors production orders and -systems and informs the user of their status. All order actions and status messages are recorded into a log file.
  • Rimage's Producers provide fully automated production and are optimised for both publishing (each disc is unique) and duplication (many identical discs).
  • Perfect labelling with micro-dry label printing technology
Is your data distributed in the right way?
Data is provided to the user in different ways. In former times, lists were distributed, but now graphical and audio/video applications are increasingly distributed on CD or DVD.

Reliable processes
During the last years we developed software solutions that may take standard lists as well as AFP lists. These are indicated with keywords or full text and encoded on CD or DVD.

Digital photographs as well as general lists like statistics, price lists, plans or also audio and video files (for example recordings) are processed completely automatically.

High-level production
A fully automated production system that provides the user with an individually customized dataset on a low-cost data carrier is required.

The necessary hardware burns CD/DVDs and labels the media without manual operations. Such a system has a large input bin for blank CD/DVD media, highly reliable robotics and one or more CD/DVD writers. A high-quality, graphical label printer provides media that is ready for immediate shipment/distribution.

Company Introduction.
Since 1994, GID has been offering output management and archiving solutions based on the many years of market experience of our staff.

GID offers complete integrated solutions for the management of information through its entire life cycle.

GID's role in this field is as a consultant and system integrator. Solutions are available for: e-mail archives, paper archives, back-up, storage management, document management, data distribution, microfilm and COLD.

GID is a member of the Association for Economic Management (AWV) as well as the Professional Association for Organisation and Information Systems (VOI).

GID has offices in Germany, France, Great Britain, and the USA.
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