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Glazing Refurbishment Ltd has been maintaining and repairing commercial glazed structures for the last quarter of a century. Our glazing refurbishment service includes roof lights, industrial glazing, glazed canopies, glass roofs, windows, doors, curtain walling/curtain walls and glass roofs. Glazing Refurbishment Ltd also covers all forms of architectural glazing.

Glazing refurbishment is trusted to build, maintain and repair the very fabric of our society. Glazing refurbishment offers a fair price for a professional service. Our glazing refurbishment service is something we know our customers appreciate.

Our commercial glazing engineers are highly skilled and our technical engineers are all fully qualified civil/structural engineers.

Commercial Glazing Maintenance

Our Commercial Glazing Maintenance service provides a repair and maintenance service for all types of architectural glazing including:

  • Glass roofs and roof lights
  • Atria, curtain walling
  • Glazed screens
  • Windows and doors.

Alongside glass roofs and windows we can also maintain kerb and roof weather flashings, aluminium and lead parapets, guttering and down pipes.

Glazing Refurbishment Ltd offer preventative programme's for commercial glazing maintenance including areas such as high-level glass upgrades, glass replacements and glass repairs.

Commercial Glazing Maintenance

Glazing Maintenance

Glazing Refurbishment Ltd offers a comprehensive glazing maintenance package. Our glazing maintenance service includes the replacement and removal of faulty handles, locks, hinges and restricting stays.

To prevent water ingress we can install new rubber gasket weather seals and re-point internal/external silicone perimeter seals. Our glazing maintenance service also extends to upgrading glass panels/units to meet health and safety regulations and the application of privacy, safety and bomb films. We will also provide in depth cleaning and surface restoration to your glass and framework.

Glazing Maintenance

Commercial Window Repairs

Glazing Refurbishment Ltd offers a complete commercial window repairs package. Our commercial window repairs service includes the complete removal and replacement of faulty restricting stays, handles, hinges and locks.

Our commercial window repairs team will repair windows that will not open or close in the way they should. This is done by removing and straightening frames that are poorly fitted. We will return them to a fully operational state and in full working order.

Our site technicians are fully trained to:

  • CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) standards
  • IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Associations) standards
  • IPAF (Industrial Powered Access Federation) standards
  • PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers' and Manufacturers' Association) standards
  • Our Project Managers, Operations Managers, Site Technicians and Health and Safety Managers are trained to SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme) standards
Commercial Window Repairs

Independent Glazing Inspections

Glazing Refurbishment Ltd is frequently called upon in this respect to carry out independent glazing inspections. We are regularly called upon to carry out independent glazing inspections, surveys and audits of architectural glazing around the UK in respect of the glazing's integrity.

We offer a nationwide quality service and comprehensive independent glazing inspections and will perform these in all areas of high level and difficult access.

We can offer our independent glazing inspections to you with a free survey so please get in touch with Glazing Refurbishment to find out more.

Independent Glazing Inspections

Architectural Glazing

We can offer a fantastic solution for your architectural glazing requirements. We are also supported by long term guarantees and service contracts on all remedial and upgrade works.

Our architectural glazing service usually include weather seals, new aluminium glazing caps in the colour you want, new rainwater goods and weather flashings and infill panels.

Our architectural glazing service supports our works with detailed method statements and risk assessments. These are inclusive of comprehensive construction sector insurance policies.

Architectural Glazing

Overhead Roof Glazing Refurbishment & Restoration

Glazing Refurbishment Ltd have a tailored seal and glazing system upgrade service which is ideal for commercial clients who have overhead and roof glazing refurbishment requirements.

Our overhead and roof glazing refurbishment service will include stripping down and clearing internal weep and drainage systems as well as replacing components that are missing or fatigued. 

What you get is a fully restored and serviced glazing system and we will provide long term guarantees against rainwater ingress and breakdown with our seal packages.

Overhead Roof Glazing Refurbishment & Restoration

Leak Detection

We carry out leak detection and rectify any problems using ultrasonic, high pressure directional sprays and tracer colourings.

Our leak detection service will identify any defects and isolate them for you and we will propose the relevant solutions. Any remedial work is supported by long term guarantees.

Our leak detection service offers an impressive and competitive rate and our service is supported by a full survey and method statement.

We will carry out a full risk assessment and offer guarantees.

Leak Detection

Security and Safety Inspections

We can offer you a full security and safety inspections service and we are called upon to inspect survey and audit the integrity and condition of many types of architectural glazing around the UK.

We will conduct, as part of our security and safety inspection service a complete survey and detailed report that is given to the client.

We will guarantee remedial works as well.

Security and Safety Inspections

Rope Access

High level and difficult access can present a complex and dangerous area to work in. Glazing Refurbishment Ltd offer rope access solutions and will plan each project individually to ensure the work is carried out safely.

Our rope access solutions are efficient and cost effective and will not disrupt the building or its use by you or the general public.

We have many years of experience working with glazed facades and will make sure it is completed safely and efficiently.

Rope Access

Curtain Walling Glazing

We specialise in works with difficult access and high level works and we use a combination of cradles, mechanical access, ropes and harnesses to access curtain walling glazing. We also use temporary or fixed scaffolding if there is a requirement.

In our experience it is the most cost effective way of rectifying any curtain walling glazing defects and protects your investment and maintains the look of your building.

We will give you advice and a cost effective planned maintenance program that will suit your needs.

Curtain Walling Glazing

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