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Technical experts in the design, manufacture and supply of engineered, architectural glass rooflights for residential and commercial buildings.

Glazing Vision provide a comprehensive range of skylights to help bring light, air and space into the home.

The range includes state-of-the-art bespoke skylights, fixed flat and pyramid systems, walk on glazed roof lights, access box skylights and hinged ventilation roof lights, all manufactured with a sleek, minimal framework to meet building regulations such as Part L and Part Q.

Glazing Vision rooflights can be found all over the world in over 20 different countries. 

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Fixed rooflights

The Flushglaze is simplicity itself, a minimalist fixed rooflight with 'frameless' internal views designed to allow as much natural daylight into a room as possible.

The Flushglaze is manufactured using high performance toughened heat soak tested low emissivity glass as standard and the perimeter frame is designed to allow the use of triple glazing, fire rated, solar control, acoustic and even switchable privacy glass.

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secure and secure+ rooflight range

Security isn’t something you leave to chance, you should ensure that all windows, doors and rooflights are secure by specifying the right product for the job. Glazing Vision’s Secure and Secure+ range of rooflights have been exhaustively tested against LPS 2081 Issue 1:2015 standards to comply with Building Regulations Approved Document Q - Security in Dwellings.

Fixed rooflights

Pitchglaze Fixed Roof Window

The Pitchglaze is a CE marked roof window designed to be installed in pitched tiled roof applications flush (in plane) with the tiling line.

Glazing Vision have adopted their pioneering ‘frameless’ design ethos with this product so that when installed the building occupants can enjoy sky only views from the roof window, something not usually found with traditional roof window products.

The Pitchglaze is designed to be used in roof pitches between 15° and 60° and comprises of Qualicoat approved polyester powder coated aluminium framework combined with either double or triple glazing.

The glass specification is high performance thermally efficient low emissivity (low e) coated glass which has been heat soak tested for additional safety. Based on the current design, aperture sizes of up to 3 meters squared are achievable.

The Pitchglaze has been designed so that all fixings are accessible from the outside, which means that the roof window can be installed to existing buildings with minimal disruption to internal finishes.

Typical Project

The Pitchglaze roof window is perfect for a wide variety of pitched roof projects which will vary from smaller domestic builds which will benefit from the additional daylight that larger units can provide to high end residential which may combine several units installed adjacent to one another creating entire glazed ceilings as an architectural feature.

Pitchglaze Fixed Roof Window

Access rooflights

Box rooflights are the perfect solution if you're looking for easy access to your roof terrace.

Operated at the touch of a button, the user simply climbs the stairs whilst the rooflight is retracting into its open position and then walks straight out onto the terrace.

Box rooflights can be manufactured in a variety of configurations but will generally consist of one sliding section of glass moving over a fixed section. Built in infra-red proximity detectors and current override technology are included as standard features and should be considered essential with access products. Security has been upgraded with the standard addition of solenoid security bolts ensuring that the rooflight remains secure in all situations.

If you are looking for a hinged solution, Skydoor is Glazing Vision's most popular hinged access rooflight and is designed for day to day access to your roof space, ideal for terrace areas on flat roofs.

Access rooflights

Ventilation rooflights

Glazing Vision's VisionVent rooflight range continues the design ethos of minimum framework, maximum daylight whilst offering a means of harnessing natural ventilation. GV also offers several standard sliding rooflights which all provide something slightly different giving you all the options you need to open up the roof and let the outside in.

Ventilation rooflights

Bespoke rooflights

Glazing Vision provide bespoke rooflight solutions to bring aesthetics, light and space to your project.

The range of features and benefits available with Glazing Vision architectural rooflights can be applied to meet even the most complex project requirements.

If you're looking for something unique to your building, Glazing Vision can provide you the opportunity to sit with a Design Engineer and Technical Specification Manager to find a solution that makes your scheme a reality.

Architectural concepts can be challenging, but we pride ourselves on offering sound technical advice so that collaboratively we provide our clients with the perfect solution

Bespoke rooflights

Online shop

Architectural quality rooflights at online prices. provide a range of standard sizes rooflights, manufactured in England by Glazing Vision, available off the shelf via the online shop, that can be despatched with next day delivery.




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Some of our projects from around the World
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