Glen Castings Ltd


We can supply our customers with high quality aluminium alloys diecasting requirements. We produce prototypes and samples using aluminium alloys and a combination of tradition skills and advanced CAD and CAM technology. Our professional staff is highly qualified in grinding, drilling, assembly, and diecasting, and we are shortly to be registered as Investors In People.

We are accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2001 and can cope with small and medium production runs from 2,000 to 100,000 pieces provided at excellent prices. We partner with local toolmakers creating tooling at cost-effective prices so our customers can benefit from high accuracy and less finishing and machining.  

Gravity Castings

We strive to provide high quality products and services, like gravity castings, to our clients and use our extensive plant lists to provide quality assured products. We have a family of 12 pressure diecasting machines with locking forces.

Our products like gravity castings are also produced using our wide diversity of vibratory and barrelling finishing machines, drilling, sawing and tapping machines. 

Manhole Covers

Our manhole covers include a selection of cast iron manhole covers, block pavior trays, lockable epic covers, and stop tap boxes and wall ties.

Our black cast iron manhole covers are available in a variety of sizes. Our ductile iron circular manhole covers are manufactured to comply with PPIC inspection chambers.

Drainage Castings

We stock a wide range of drainage castings for many different applications and offer various solutions for our customers. Our range of drainage castings consists of round sealing plates and frames, square hinged grated frames, square sealing plates, and perforated gully buckets.

We also supply a range of steel castings and round gully grids, square gully grids and round hinged grates and frames. We also stock ICI005 inspection covers, oval access plates and rodding point castings.

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