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GLENAIR: Europe's Best Value Interconnect Solution Supplier

Glenair is a leading manufacturer and supplier of electrical interconnect products, providing high performance connectors, assemblies, connector accessories and connector tooling products on a global basis.

Glenair’s interconnect products are both standard and bespoke, for a wide range of applications that demand lightweight, space-saving and robust solutions to work within harsh environments.

The Glenair product range includes environmental & speciality connectors, Micro-D & Nano-D connectors and assemblies, environmental backshells & accessories, flexible metal core conduit systems, composite boxes & enclosures, custom over-moulded cable assemblies, fibre optic systems and a full range of connector tooling products.

Industries supplied to include aerospace, marine, geo-physical, defence land systems, mass transit, off-shore, telecom and space applications.

Glenair’s innovative range of interconnect products are supported on a global basis with full design, prototyping, testing, project management, distribution and world wide technical support. We provide the very best in technology, service and support to give outstanding customer service through:

· Fast turnaround on quotes and custom orders
· Large part numbers on same-day inventory
· No “minimum order” policy
· Abundant manufacturing capacity
· Full spectrum product lines

Glenair is a certified ISO9000/2001 manufacturer and has an independently accredited test laboratory located at our Mansfield, UK manufacturing facility providing full environmental and electrical system testing including full EMC, EMI, RFI and EMP screening evaluation for all our products and sub-assemblies.

Micro D Connectors

Micro-D and Nanominiature TwistPin Connectors and Accessories

Benefits of the High Reliability Glenair Micro-D Connector
Proven Reliability under tough operating conditions

For applications where interconnect failure is simply not an option, the Glenair high-reliability Micro-D offers a wealth of performance benefits which far outweigh any potential cost savings realized by specifying a lesser caliber connector. If downtime is a critical concern, other connectors cannot match the long-term durability and performance advantages of the MIL-DTL-83513 Micro-D, which include:

Higher current ratings
Lower circuit resistance
Superior vibration and shock
Optimized EMI/RFI shielding
Broader operating temperature
Better damage resistance
Enhanced corrosion resistance
Better contact retention
Better environmental sealing


A World of Circular and Rectangular Backshells and Accessories
AS85049 Military Standard and Commercial Products

No where in the world, under one roof, does anyone manufacture and supply such a complete selection of commercial and military backshell connector accessories: from simple wire bundle strain reliefs, backshells, dummy stowage receptacles and protective covers, to advanced electromagnetic shielding and termination systems, extender backshells, pipe thread adapters, shorting caps, and cable sealing backshells; Glenair produces literally hundreds of thousands of different designs to meet every application need including virtually every AS85049 Mil-Spec accessory ever documented. Most importantly, thousands of popular backshell and accessory part numbers are in stock and ready for expedited shipment. Glenair makes backshells for every connector manufacturer's product, including Amphenol, Deutsch, Cannon, and others.


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