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Filling machines covering the simplest filler on the market the Mastermeasure and also low cost gear pump fillers, semi-automatic piston fillers single or twin head, Peristaltic fillers and Positive displacement filler- flow meter. All these can be supplied either as stand alone individual units or with automated systems with container infeed and handling. [ View example machines ] or [ Mastermeasure machines ]

Capsule and Tabletting

With our well established principles we supply hard shell two piece capsule filling equipment from hand filling systems via plates, semi-automatic and fully automatic machinery. All budgets and speeds covered along with all product types including powders, liquids and beads.

Tabletting – ranging from single station eccentric press up to high speed fully automatic multi-station machines. Coating – equipment covering R & D Scale up to large scale production for both sugar and film coating. Counting equipment – offered for bench mounted units or within complete lines which include capping and labelling. [ View example capsule and tabletting machines ]

Bespoke Assembly Lines

We specialize in building and supplying purpose built lines to meet specific needs. Automatic container handling, filling, capping, and or assembly complete labelling. All applications considered and supplied either in modular or monoblock configurations. [ View example assembley line machinery ]

Vacuum Process Machines

Proven concept and technology , high quality components from international manufacturers with world wide service locations, individual solutions, many applications, automation, short batch times, complete reproducibility within one bowl process.

Free-flowing solids and liquids are fed directly into the homogenisation tool, where they are de-agglomerated and dispersed without any unwanted entry of air. A recirculation line returns the product to the interior chamber of the container .This line and the special scraper-agitator work together to macro-mix the product through vertical convection.

The conical shape of the container base directs the product to the multi-chamber homogenisation system, where the entire procedure is repeated. The machine is emptied via a discharge valve on the homogeniser or via the downstream recirculation line.

Ideal for the following purposes:

Food industry

  • Mayonnaises and dressings
  • Ketchup and emulsified sauces
  • Pasta sauces and delicatessen products
  • Humus (chickpeas with tahina)

Cosmetics industry

  • Creams, lotions, gels
  • Decorative cosmetics
  • Toothpaste

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Vacuum Deaerator

Many applications for the removal of unwanted air in food, cosmetic and chemical industries, proven technology, individual variants for every kind of products, easy handling, easy integration in existing lines, for liquids up to high viscous products (wide range of products handled).

Wet Grinding Mills

Stainless steel housings, no cast, for liquids up to high viscous products (wide range of products handled), automatically milling gap adjustment, high outputs with very fine grinding of products, simple handling. Wide range of products, integration into existing systems, individual grades of mill stones and milling sets.

Wet grinding

The functions of the corundum stone mill are the grinding, homogenising, dispersing and emulsifying of liquid up to paste-like products of the food and cosmetics industries. High productivity, versatility - just two of the many benefits of Kaltenbach's K-ma mill technology.


KMA Process Can Opening Machines

Systems both manual and automatic to open and empty tin cans 2 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg cans, liquid, pasty and products with solids. Few format changes for different can diameters, capacities from 100 up to 2200 cans per hour, individual technology for different products, unique technology and experience, high cost savings, many standard components from international manufacturer, more that 30 years on the market, international references, nearly zero product left in the cans, high standard of automation.

KMA Process Vacuum Deaerator K-VE

The vacuum de-aerator is suited for the de-aeration of liquid up to paste-like products that have not been manufactured under vacuum and therefore contain air. The plant operates continuously and is usually the last unit in a production line.

Prevention of oxidative modifications such as discolouration, alteration in flavour and aroma occurring especially in fat and oil.

Regular glossy product surface, enhanced long-time stability reached by de-aeration.

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