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At Global Building Controls Ltd, we specialise as one of the UKs leading building energy management specialists. We are an approved and highly respected system partner for Trend.

As a building energy management specialist, we provide many solutions that effectively work to reduce the energy requirement of your business or organisation. Regular automatic meter readings to measure your weekly energy consumption is one prime energy management solution we cater for with The Ethernet Metering Interface Controller (EMIC)

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Building Management Systems

Building management systems (BMS) consist of intelligent controllers and other input/output devices, which collaborate together to supply comprehensive control and energy management over the following:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • Lighting schemes

Building management systems can be installed alone or networked together and the supplied information can be viewed through a local display panel or PC running building management software. As specialists in building management systems, we can provide many solutions with in-depth explanation.

Building Management Systems

Control System Integrator Products

We are able to supply a diverse range of control system integrator products from many respected leading manufacturers in the market. Our website is a portfolio for control system integrator products and solutions and we have included many links for your convenience.

Control System Integrator Products

BMS Consultancy Service

Our current range of services is vast and we cover numerous building management solutions extensively in accurate detail. Our BMS consultancy service is one of many supporting services we can provide.

Our BMS consultancy service explains the advised factors to be considered and helps ensure efficient operation of HVAC plant and associated services. Our team of highly professional and experienced engineers work from the initial concept through to the finished commercial product with enthusiasm and always with a personal approach to ensure your satisfaction.

BMS Consultancy Service

Installation of Energy Saving Inverters

We offer a supply and installation of energy saving inverters service with energy and ultimately costs saving in mind with the utilisation of variable speed drives. Installation of energy saving inverters offers the following secondary benefits to AC motors:

  • Reducing a motor speed by 10%, will achieve a 27% reduction in energy consumption
  • Reducing a motor speed by 20%, will achieve a 48% reduction in energy consumption
Installation of Energy Saving Inverters

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