Global Card Technologies


Global Card Technologies is a division of Global Cutting Technologies and has been created specifically for the credit and plastic card manufacturing industry.

We are leading suppliers of plastic card manufacturing equipment in the UK

Working hand in hand with the Sysco Machinery Corporation, GCT can supply virtually every type of finishing equipment for plastic and credit card manufacturing.

Encompassing tape laying, collating, laminating, cutting and punching, chip implanting and more,

From entry level machines to state-of-the-art systems, GCT can provide complete production lines and manufacturing solutions - all backed up with the best UK based after sales service and spares availability, with UK based engineers. We can also provide servicing and maintenance contracts for our card & cutting equipment.

Card Punching And Stacking System

Credit And Plastic Card Auto Cutting & Stacking System

A combination of high volume production, accurate die-cutting, and high quality card edges.
Speeds of up to 24,000 cards per hour
Inboard & outboard ball screw servo-drive gripper unit with positional accuracy of +/- 0.1mm.
The optical sensors with registration mark tracking system ensure a cut to-print accuracy of +/- 0.1mm.
Special accessories are available for the accurate punching of contact-less plastic cards.
Special versions available for cutting Teslin materials
Latest specification provides up to 30% higher speed
Special applications, formats, magazine arrangements can be accomodated

Card Punching And Stacking System

Magnetic Tape Laying Machine

Roll Type Material Auto Magnetic Tape Laying Machine

Operation speed can be adjusted according to the needs of the overlay material - up to a maximum speed of 10 metres a minute, normal operating speed is 5~7 metres per minute.
The pressure and heat of each laying roller press can be individually controlled, minimizing the surface area subjected to heat, as well as allowing for fine-tune adjustments.
The multiple pinch rollers hold the material securely in place throughout the application process, allowing for perfect parallelism of the magnetic strips.
All laying roller presses feed the backing foil to a single rewind stand.
Error code diagnostic display provides for easy troubleshooting

Magnetic Tape Laying Machine

Card Laminator

Fully Automatic Plastic Card Lamination System

Heating and cooling presses are independent, so the costly heating up and cooling down of the hot platens during each production cycle is totally avoided.
Heating and cooling presses are operated by a central hydraulic system. A low pressure pump is used to lift the platen at a quick speed, while a high pressure pump is used to keep the heating and cooling presses at a high pressure.
The closed-loop transport system significantly reduces material cassette loading and transfer time, resulting in much-reduced consumption of energy.
The heating temperature is evenly and accurately distributed across the total hot platen area.
The comprehensive PC monitoring & control, with its ability to keep thousands of working programs, allows for perfect ease of operation.
Special features for the processing of contactless cards

Card Laminator

Chip Implanting

Automatic smart card milling and implanting machine
Range of Application

The work stations of IMA (Automatic smart card milling and chip implanting machine) are designed to handle any type of plastic cards PVC, PET, PC and ABS.


Extraction of individual cards from the loading magazine
The rigid transporting system moves the cards from one workstation to another in a synchronized manner
CNC cavity milling head and dust extraction
Numerically controlled 3-axis dispenser system for precision dosing of adhesive on the milled cavity
Dot test using CCD camera for the adhesive
Automatic chip module spooler, puncher and handler
Implanting of the chip module in the cavity
Bonding of chip to the card cavity
Data input device
Sorting of cards into good and reject magazines
PC based control for easy operation

Chip Implanting

Sheet Collating

This highly productive system automatically gathers, aligns, registers, spot welds and cuts two overlay foils in web form and one or two core sheets. The overlay material is fed from top and bottom whilst the core sheets are introduced from the auto sheet feeder. The collated materials are then transported to a cutting unit and cut/trimmed into individual 'sets' which are transported to a collection device for stacking. Labour saving costs are extremely impressive.


Sheet Collating
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