Global Emc U K Ltd.

  • Global EMC produce high performance electromagnetic shielding ( Independent tests prove -100dB from 100KHz to 40GHz)
  • Global EMC manufacture and install 3, 5 & 10 meter compliant Chambers.
  • Global EMC manufacture and install Microwave free space chambers and also Radar Cross Section chambers
  • High quality anechoic materials supplied and installed, premium brands such as 'Emerson & Cuming' and Samwha are stocked/provided and installed
  • Medical Shielding (MRI and Nuro Science) are within our product range.
  • Global EMC can provide all aspects of electromagnetic shielding and electromagnetic absorbing.
  • Global EMC provide and install Magnetic 50Hz shielding for sub stations etc.
  • Architectural/building shielding installed, windows, ventilation, heating, water, doors, power & signal entries are no problem.
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