Global Measurement and Control Systems Ltd


GLOBAL MEASUREMENT & CONTROL LIMITED is a progressive Process & Temperature Measurement Solutions company based on a strong engineering & design background. Global, part of the Concord Holdings Group, offer a wide range of manufactured products and has the flexibility for designing and manufacturing to the customers requirements.

On our Website you will find our extensive range of stock Sensors, Wire & Cables, Connectors, Instrumentation, both Industrial & Handheld, Thermocouples, Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRTs) & Humidity Sensors, Transmitter & a range of Calibration Baths. We also stock an extensive range of Handheld products to suit most applications.

We Manufacture & Stock a wide range of Thermocouple & Copper Connectors and Cables to suit all measurement applications.

Our Webshop offers our complete product range for purchase over the internet. Take a look at

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