Global Self Drive


All our products revolve around your needs. All our drivers, sales agents, managers, accountants... We all strive to give you the most pleasant, hassle free, relaxed car rental experience you will ever have in your life. This is our vision. To know that, when you step into one of our branches, we will have your vehicle ready for you; when you ask for our products, we will be able to give you a thorough explanation, where all charges are crystal clear; when you will leave our premises, sitting comfortably in one of our vehicles, you will feel pleasantly surprised that all went smoothly, your car is clean, new, it's a pleasure to drive, saves you money on fuel, and gives you all the flexibility you required; when you return your vehicle, we will welcome you back with a smile, with your invoice free of surprises or hidden charges. And we will be waiting for you again in the future, for a long term relationship...

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