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Here at Globec (UK), we specialise in the supply of electronic components including band pass filters. Since 1992, we have been providing band pass filters to the major OEM’s and CEM’s of UK and Ireland.

We are the UK's authorised agent and stocking distributor of high quality components, specialising in the fields of EMC and lightning suppression and hybrid microcircuit components. band pass filters

Ceramic Capacitors

We stock an assortment of high quality ceramic capacitors suitable for use in the aerospace, telecoms, defence, and medical industry. 

We distribute a wide range of specialist ceramic capacitors including:

  • Disc Capacitors
  • X and Y Capacitors
  • Chip Capacitors
  • Trimmer Capacitors 


Lightning Protectors

We supply a specialised collection of lightning protector components for protection against lightning induced surges. Our lightning protectors include PTC / PTR coaxial protectors, quarter wave stub protectors and bias-T networks.

Lightning Protectors

Hybrid Microcircuit Components

We are a specialist supplier of hybrid microcircuit components.

Our impressive selection of hybrid microcircuit components includes:

  • Hybrid circuits
  • Hybrid modules
  • Hybrid substrates
  • Hybrid packaging
Hybrid Microcircuit Components
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