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We specialise in all types of air compressor and provide invaluable air compressor maintenance and repairs for the South West. We tailor our services to suit each individual customer requirement and our team of qualified engineers and experienced in-house team are committed to delivering total customer satisfaction to all our clients. Our service work includes both new and reconditioned screw, piston and rotary vane overhaul. We have supplied, installed and maintained equipment for a wide array of business and industry needs.

Our services also include energy audits and data logging services to provide you with relevant information should you be planning plant replacement or energy saving improvements. We can even assist in the project management of improvement projects.

With a reputation for providing high quality technical expertise and a commitment to providing an exceptional high level of after sales service, we provide a diverse range of air compressor for South West companies and further afield, providing solutions to all your compressed air requirements, ranging from maintaining air compressors to providing them.

Pipework Installation

Our pipework installation eliminates any potential issues such as incorrect pipe sizing. This fault can cause pressure loss within a factory and will dramatically increase energy consumption.

At Gloucester Compressed Air we are experienced pipe fitters of all types including aluminium, galvanised steel and nylon. Our pipework installation service understands planning, sizing and design is not only critical for efficient air delivery after initial installation but effective installation must also allow for any alterations or introduction of new machinery at a future date.

Dental Decontamination HTM0105

We are dental compressed air specialists and provide professional servicing, repair, installation, and hire of compressed air or vacuum equipment.

Our dental systems and high quality compressed air are in compliance with dental decontamination HTM0105 as articulated in The Health Technical Memorandum 01-05. HTM 01-05 ensures all dental practices have effective infection control methods in place at all times.

Dental Compressor Specialists

As principal dental compressor specialists we have provided outstanding, specifically designed and developed products to the dental sector for many years.

We understand the demands of a contemporary surgery and our comprehensive and varied range of compressors are designed to fit every requirement and provide optimum hygienic quality air to meet and surpass national guidelines. Our dental compressors are all designed to increase the quality of sterilisation and decontamination in dental practices.

Sterilisation and Decontamination

Sterilisation and decontamination are an essential part of all dental practices and must be kept to an exceptional high standard in order to eliminate the risk of patient infection.

We provide superior equipment supplied to effectively help dental practices maintain the highest level of sterilisation and decontamination at all times.

Industrial Compressors

As with all machinery it is vitally important to regularly inspect, maintain and service all industrial compressors. Neglecting air compressors can result in machine failure and factory downtime. During service and overhaul lubricating oil changes must comply with manufacturer information, or annually as an absolute minimum. Clean air inlet filters and cabinet filters are also critical to the longevity of industrial compressors.

Inline air filtration should also not be ignored as this minimises contamination of pipe work, compressed air plant and production machinery. We are agents for:
  • Hiline
  • Worthington/Mark
  • Dencomp
  • Abac
  • Patterson Health Group
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