Ian Burrows is the owner and consultant innovator of Glow4u established in 2001, he has over 35 years international experience in R&D and development of products using his extensive knowledge of Chemistry and Physics. Although the companies name is Glow4u he uses an extensive range of materials including additive speciality pigments including photoluminescent, Fluorescent, Thermo-Chromic, Photo-Chromic, Aqua-Chromic, Ultra-Violet, Nano, Aero Gels and some leading edge silica fillers.

The scope of end products and materials includes Inks, Masterbatch, Glass, Resin, Silicone, Acrylic, Paper, Print, Plastic, Fabric, Elastic and Ceramic.

The business sectors include Security, Safety, Promotional, Fishing, Horological, Toys, Games Oil Platforms, Shipping, Roads Tunnels and Mines.

As well as working along side companies Glow4u has a portfolio white label products thta are available for manufacture or licence inthe UK or country by country or worldwide.

A list of available product formulations is available upon request.

Glow4u delivers a professional, unique and innovative approach to creating new and cost effective solutions for companies.

Recent company associations include Davenport Burgess Ltd, Carterbench Ltd, Lazes Ltd, Carteblanch Ltd, Glowcarp Ltd and Dragon-I.

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