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Glue online are major adhesive suppliers. We have a wide range of stock including, Permabond, Locitite-Bondmaster and Macroplexx.

As well as being an adhesive supplier  , we also offer the highest technical support within the UK.


Permanbond is an anaerobic adhesive which strengthens the seals when fitting metal parts, its designed for low strength in order to lock and seal threaded or coaxially fitted metal parts.

Scigrip (Formerly Holdtite)

Sci-grip is a two component mix ratio of products, for bonding both metals, composites and other plastics. This product is used to meet specific requirements of the transportation industry.


Bostik Glue sticks are suitable for repair work and assembly. Used for a variey of materials such as board, paper, wood, leather, hardboard, fitted rubber, foam rubber, ABS, perspex, aluminium,  also ideal for packaging.


Evostik is a general purpose polychloroprene adhesive, used within interior situations, however may be used within exterior situations as long as it can be protected from the weather (rain&sun).

The new improved formulation has a lower persistent odour, it is clearer and also much faster drying.

Loctite (Henkel)

Loctite two part acrylic is primarily designed for bonding e-coated metals to glass fibre fitted polypropylenes. It needs no pre-treatment as this product is designed to work without it. It also reduces the migration of liquid product after application, due to the thixotropic nature of loctite 3038.

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