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Go Geothermal Ltd, the UK’s Largest independent supplier of Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps.  Supplying premium brands such as Vaillant, Stiebel Eltron, Mitsubishi along with the very best Underfloor Heating Products, Solar Aerovoltaic, Solar Thermal, Preinsulated Pipe, Cylinders, Probes, Ground Loops, Chamber Manifolds, Glycol etc etc., we are the One Stop Shop for all things Renewable.  Over 97% of the products we sell are stocked and available for delivery next day to most of the UK.

You can view our product brochure here: https://www.gogeothermal.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/GoGeothermal-Product-Brochure.pdf

Heat Pumps

At the heart of our offering Go Geothermal has both Ground and Air Source units from 3kw to 1MW demand. Having played a major part in the UK Heat Pump industry for nearly 10 years we have chosen carefully the brands we have allied ourselves with.

Having always been the most recommended specialist distributor of Heat Pump components from the technical schools of OEMs. We are now pleased to have established an equally as impressive reputation with the supply of Heat Pumps.

We have forged strong links with both Stiebel Eltron & Vaillant, consistently in the top 3 brands in the UK & mainland Europe.

With these alliances we can cover in depth the enormous range of buildings which require a sustainable heating solution, whether it be a small house boat with virtually no heating required, right through to a new industrial steel building or indeed stately home.

By understanding the value of the trust our customer base puts in us we have never and never will INSTALL. The same is not true of many distributors who are either installers with a bolt on distribution business or openly installing (in other words taking work from their own customers!)

Whether you are considering the first install or have been installing for years, Go Geothermal has the full technical knowledge and brand support in heat pumps to ensure your business has a dependable "Best in Class" offering.

Heat Pumps

Preinsulated Pipe

For district heating, biomass and biogas systems, the ideal solution for transporting hot water with minimal heat loss.

We now offer the superb Rauthermex & Rauvitherm Pre-Insulated pipe. Available in long lengths, depending on pipe size up to 400m.

Go Geothermal has a range of "leading brand" Pre-Insulated Pipe solutions available in Single & Twin configurations utilising PE-Xa carrier pipes.

Available in sizes 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm, 125mm

Rauvitherm cut to order and delivered on a 1-2 day service (AM Service to most of the UK)

- Available in sizes 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm, 125mm
- Ideal for transporting hot water at minimal heat loss
- Temperature range -15 deg. C to +95 Deg.C
- Supplied cut to specific lengths
- No minimum order charge
- WRAS Approved
- 5 Year Warranty
- Rauvitherm manufactured in the UK

  • Pre-insulated pipe system for short heating distances, small to medium heating networks and heat distribution in the BGA
  • Optimum heat transport with low heat losses
  • Application in tight spaces, on existing construction sites, equipment construction, for tightly branched heating networks
  • Longitudinally watertight flexible pipe system with a robust outer sleeve
  • Safe sleeve system without intricate screw connections and minimal shrinkage effort
Preinsulated Pipe

Chamber Manifolds

Our Chamber Manifolds are available in 2 - 18 port configurations with larger configurations available on request.

As per VBS2011 GSHPA Standards, "All of our manifold chambers are supplied with a pressure test certificate from the OEM Manufacturer." Does your current supplier offer this?

Circular Chamber Manifold
Space saving, chamber manifold, made from solid PE pipe offering the following features:

- Compact Design - reduced time excavating on site. [Chamber Manifold from Go Geothermal Ltd]
- Ball Valve on the Flow legs
- Integral flow meters on the Return legs (adjustable)
- Manifold header - OD 110mm c/w 1" filling and bleed valve
- All connections are welded to the chamber wall to ensure its water tight
- Able to handle light traffic loads of 600Kg (Tested to 1,500Kg) - 2 way to 12 way
- Anti Skid Cover - perfect for Residential & Public Sector installations
- Lockable cover
- Fully Pressure Tested (Test Certificate in each Chamber Manifold)
- 63mm Header Pipe connections
- 40mm flow & return ports (i.e. suitable for 25mm, 32mm & 40mm collector pipe)
- Watertight

Chamber Manifolds

Modular Manifolds

Endorsed by leading Heat Pump manufacturers including Stiebel Eltron, Vaillant & NIBE our modular reinforced plastic manifolds remain ever popular. Modular design, self-sealing and simple to install on site, these versatile modular manifolds are ideally suited for installation in Plant Rooms, utility rooms or in purpose built chambers.

Unlike inferior manifolds, ours are resistant to corrosion and freezing - hence they will not crack.  To this end we are so confident in our modular manifolds we now offer a 3 year guarantee (installed strictly according to our instructions available at time of order).

Basic unit consists of:

- Fill/Bleed Points (½")
- 40mm spigot for Header Pipe/Heat Pump connection
- Mounting brackets
- Isolation Valves (Flow & Return) or 40mm PE spigot outlet
- Each outlet comes complete with Flowmeters (Variable) 8 to 32L/min, Isolation Valves
- 40mm PE Spigot suitable for Electrofusion and Compression Fittings (also suitable for 25mm and 32mm collector pipe)
- Flow rate of 7.7m3 per hour.


- Thermometer with immersion sleeve, -20°C to + 40°C
- Manometer (pressure gauge) with assembly valve, 0-6 bar

Modular Manifolds

Collector Pipe

Manufactured from Virgin Grade Black PE100 High Performance Polyethylene (EN12201)

Go Geothermal offer a "true" geothermal collector pipe: Collector Coil

Pipe manufactured specifically for heat collection
Available in coil sizes from 50m to 500 metres

PE100 RC Pipe (Resistance to Crack) - 5x Stronger than PE100/PE100+!!

The improved mechanical properties of PE100-RC and the demand for higher quality products has seen many European countries switch from PE100 to PE100-RC as their ground source pipework of choice.

Used extensively in mainland Europe PE100-RC Collector pipe offers superior impact crack resistance to PE100/PE100+. This product in most soil conditions negates the use of sand bedding, saving significant material, plant and labour cost. Conductivity of the sand versus site soil conditions must always be considered in the analysis before opting for non sand bed.

A fundamental and critical component of any efficient performing Ground Source Heat Pump System are the collector pipes where pipe protection and longevity are paramount.

It's widely accepted in terms of good pipe laying practice that sand should be employed both below and above the pipe to protect from sharps as even PE100 Pipe Material is vulnerable to rapid creep if point load damage occurs.

Sand has become the default position on most installs to act as protection from the variants of "as dug material".  Whilst reducing the thermal conductivity of the surrounding earth it also adds cost into the job in material and significant labour time.

Go Geothermal Limited can offer you a solution, PE100 RC. Offering low notch sensitivity and superior resistance to point loading and slow crack growth (SCG), the RC material avoids the potential for pipe tears even when point loads caused by rocks occur.

By utilising this pipe in the correct soil conditions NO sand back fill is required! This reduces capital outlay and significant labour time and plant on site.

For the additional cost of PE100-RC pipe over our standard PE100 equivalent, the total installed cost can often be significantly cheaper than standard PE100 backfilled with a sand bedding.

We are pleased to offer this product as yet another step in the improvement of the technical quality of Ground Source materials.

Collector Pipe


Our European sourced Probes are manufactured from Virgin Grade Black PE100 High Performance Polyethylene. The pipe is manufactured according to EN 12201:2003 with the Probe Tip and finished product audited and certified by and according to the guideline by SK-Z Würzburg HR 3.26 and complies with the VDI 4640 & VBS 2011 guidelines.

All Probes are marked with the length stamps each meter, PN and SDR stamps, manufacturer name, and batch certificate with each individual Probe.

[Rehau Probe - From Go Geothermal Ltd]
Go Geothermal probes are designed to operate at a minimum of 25 years service life and as such the entire probe is accredited NOT just the pipe but the probe weld and foot.

Our probes are sourced from 30 year plus established multinational brands that specialise in Ground Source ensuring the assurances can be relied upon & trusted.

We also offer the only probe that comes with a CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS Guarantee for ultimate client peace of mind (see PE-Xa section below).


- PE100-RC stands for Polyethylene Resistant to Crack
- The major benefit of PE100-RC probes is the increased point load resistance over PE 100
- Point loads are a potential problem as the probe does not sink in a straight line
- PE100-RC lasts longer on ACT test than PE100 (Accelerated creep test which is an artificial pipe ageing method)
- Many European countries have switched from PE100 to PE100-RC as their ground source pipework of choice
- The UK GSHPA has already included PE100-RC as a pipe material in their Vertical Borehole Standards
- All our PE100-RC Probes have SKZ certification (independent test house)
- Our Probes are 3rd party accredited


Heat Transfer Fluid

All of our Heat Transfer Fluids, pre-commissioning, protection and maintenance solutions are from UK manufacturers, market leaders in the manufacture of inhibited glycol products. The brands are synonymous with innovation and technical excellence and continue to lead the way in safety critical markets worldwide.

Heat Transfer Fluid

Underwater Heat Exchangers

We have 2 options for Underwater Heat Exchangers, firstly the Limnion, which is ideal for lakes, rivers and ponds. Secondly, we have the Lima F which is ideal for streaming water.

Limnion - Underwater Heat Exchanger - Ideal for lakes, ponds and rivers
Go Geothermal always search for best in class solutions. Having exclusive access to Frank GmbH we are excited to be able to offer the new Limnion here in the UK.

Whilst traditional coils and Pond Mats have been used successfully on many projects this new solution answers many of the shortcomings of the traditional solutions. Particularly on larger builds or in challenging lake/river conditions the issues of silt build up and leak integrity are paramount in the design of the Limnion.

Contact Go Geothermal Ltd to discuss your particular project.

Lima F - Water Heat Exchanger for streaming water

The Lima F water heat exchanger has been designed specifically for heat recovery from streaming water. The compact, highly efficient water heat exchanger extracts the heating energy from the water. It can also be used for passive and active cooling.

The installation can be done with anchoring weights on the bottom of the body of water or on pile constructions, jetties or at the quay.
A version with inlet grid is possible.
The heat exchanger and the protective housing are made of environment-friendly, high-quality polyethylene.


  • Large heat exchanger surface
  • All pipe connections welded
  • Stable protection housing
  • Safe connection to the Heat pump by welding with electrofusion fittings
Underwater Heat Exchangers

Underfloor Heating

Utilising the latest software Go Geothermal can now offer a 24hr - 48hr turnaround on Underfloor project enquiries.

Full AutoCAD* design service, Commissioning Details, Zone Requirements plus all electrical documents and schematics - Free of Charge upon receipt of order.

Benefits of the system include:

- PE-Xa, PE-Xb & PEX-AL-PEX Pipe systems available upon request
- High density cross linked polyethylene (PE-Xa) with EVAL barrier coating to prevent oxygen diffusion to DIN 4726
- Long Life - pressure stability across the temperature range gives a projected pipe life well in excess of - 50 years (in accordance with BS7291)
- PE-Xa pipe pressure rating of 6 bar at 95ºC for 50 years (in accordance with BS 7291)
- 10 Year Warranty
- Corrosion/lime scale free
- Low frictional resistance through pipe and fittings results in low noise transition
- Flexibility and EVERLOC compression jointing method saves installation time
- WRC listed under the water fittings and bylaws scheme
- All REHAU products are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards

A range of Controls available - Either 12v or 240v Thermostats including Central Touch Screen control points accessible via smart phones or web browsers.

Raufix Rail System - The perfect solution for Underfloor Heating

- For use with Rehau Universal pipes 16x1.5mm & 20 x 1.9mm
- For typical heating outputs of up to 100W/m²
- For typical water flow temperatures between 35°C - 50°C

Clip rails are easily secured on to any solid insulation with the use of the barbs and a Poly Membrane supplied, the UF piping is then simply clipped into the rails at the required spacing. A screed floor of ideally 45-55mm is poured directly onto the pipe to create a solid thermal mass.

Underfloor Heating

Vertical Thermpipe

Ideal in cases of a high water table

The efficiently smart solution for extracting heat at restricted drilling depth.

Easy installation by using hollow auger drill or conventional drilling auger with a protection pipe.

- Ideal for restricted drilling depth
- Ideal for areas with groundwater flow
- High degree of heat extraction (2.5kw from 6m stick outer-5cbm flow per day)
- Quick and easy installation
- Ready to use for direct installation
- Defined pipe distance of brine pipe
- Pipe connections using Electrofusion couplers
- Standard lengths of 6 m and 12 m, other dimensions and lengths on request
- No drilling rig required.
- Can be extended to a water well
- Can be used as drainage for rainwater

Vertical Thermpipe

Hot Water Cylinders

Heat Pump Cylinders are designed to work seamlessly with Heat Pumps to provide an efficient and environmentally friendly way of supplying domestic hot water. Employing a large surface area heat exchanger (coil) to maximise the transfer of heat generated from renewable energy to the stored water, optimising heat pump efficiency and reducing running costs.

Unvented and with single or twin coils. From 120L to 1500L and beyond. Coil lengths can be configured to your Heat Pump Manufacturer’s specification, DO NOT be caught out by the coil length being too short!! Multiple connections to connect Solar Thermal, Biomass etc.

Hot Water Cylinders


We stock a large range of Black Electrofusion, Compression, Transition (i.e. PE to copper etc.) and Everloc Fittings.

We stock a large range of Black Electrofusion fittings.  They are manufactured in accordance with EN12201 / EN1555 and have a standard UK spec. 4.7mm pin suitable for any standard Electrofusion control box.

We stock a large range of Compression and Transition fittings (i.e. PE to copper etc.).  Call us to discuss your requirements.

An extensive range of Everloc fittings is available to cover all applications. These include copper adapters, male/female threaded fittings, tees and elbows.

Distribution manifolds, stainless steel radiator tails and accessories make up the package.

The superbly engineered DZR brass compression sleeve fittings are designed especially for the purpose, enabling joints to be assembled in seconds, with all fittings utilising the same method of cold jointing.



Ground-air Heat Exchanger system for controlled ventilation
Ever improving insulation and air tight construction of buildings means that controlled ventilation is becoming ever more important. The ground-air heat exchanger makes a considerable contribution to this, especially when used in conjunction with a heat recovery unit.

As well as increasing the quality of life within the building, this also provides significant energy savings by using the embodied ground energy to pre-condition the incoming ventilation air.

The ground-air heat exchanger takes advantage of the fact that the temperature of the ground, 1.5 to 2m deep, remains a relative constant temperature between 7°C -12°C throughout the year.

The incoming air passes through an undergound pipe system to pre-heat it in winter and to pre-cool in summer. Experience shows that a ground-air heat exchnager makes it possible to raise the temperature of air taken in by up to 9°C in winter, and to reduce it by up to 14°C.


Electrofusion Control Units

Our British Made ECU is a fully automatic universal electrofusion welding unit, designed to join bar coded PE and PP pressure fittings in the range of 8v to 48v. It has been designed with simplicity of use in mind, and its fast user interface allows fittings to be welded quickly and reliably.Go Geothermal ECU.

The Go Geothermal ECU is designed for use in the UK and as such does not limit the user by "brand specific fittings use only" - many cheaper boxes particularly from Scandinavia are chipped to only work with a sole make of fitting. The GG ECU is compatible with all leading brands of UK and European fittings offering peace of mind when sourcing EF fittings from a variety of sources.

Electrofusion Control Units


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