Go Supply Chain Consulting Ltd


Go Supply Chain Consulting Limited is a logistics consultancy firm offering supply chain and logistics consulting services to clients across industry sectors including retail, FMCG, fashion, automotive and technology.

We’re professional logistics consultants, independent from logistics service providers and vendors of equipment and systems.

Founded in 2013 by an experienced and capable team, we combine practicality with a highly analytical approach, reflecting our blend of operational and consulting experience.

We’re commercially flexible, approachable and easy to work with. In this way we aim to match the best qualities of both the larger and smaller consultancies with which we compete.

Our clients range from global corporations to fast-growing, entrepreneurial companies. We work both in the UK and internationally, our team having completed projects in 16 countries.

Some of the key areas of focus for our clients are logistics network strategy, warehouse design, design and improvement of transport operations, outsourcing, inventory optimisation and international supply chain.

In all cases we use well established tools and techniques to identify and deliver benefits such as logistics cost reduction, productivity improvement, improved capacity and better customer service.

Warehouses remain a key element of most distribution networks, nowadays often performing a range of roles well beyond simply storing and handling pallets of goods. In recent years the growth of online sales and the expansion of many companies into foreign markets have brought new challenges to warehouse operations. For example increased level single item picking, greater involvement in ‘value adding’ tasks such as configuration and customisation, and more returns handling.

Go Supply Chain’s warehouse consultants apply well established methods to design warehouse solutions and to increase capacity and productivity within existing operations. We bring experience of a large number of distribution centre design and distribution centre improvement projects. Our warehouse consultants have undertaken warehouse consultancy projects in most industry sectors, with clients such as supermarkets, FMCG and industrial manufacturers, automotive parts suppliers and third-party logistics companies.

As with all our logistics consultancy projects, we take an evidence based approach, analysing data from your systems and observing existing operations to gain a clear picture of your company’s specific requirements and constraints.  We work closely with your team to ensure that the options considered and the rationale behind our recommendations are well understood.

We are entirely independent of all suppliers of systems and equipment, so we can give an unbiased view. On the other hand we are well connected in the industry so we can point clients in the right direction of potential suppliers, or run competitive tenders on our clients’ behalf.

Our expertise extends to specification of storage and handling equipment, design of operational methods and processes.

We are able to provide benchmark productivity rates for warehouse activities, and advise on the design and adoption of performance measurement regimes.

Are you confident that your decision making takes into account all of the trade-offs in the supply chain to arrive at the best result?

Modern supply chains are often highly complex - optimisation within the organisation is difficult enough, without involving the other parties in the supply chain.

Whatever your specific issues are, we can tailor our supply chain consulting services to help.

Go Supply Chain and its team have undertaken supply chain consulting with many companies of varying size across multiple industry sectors.

For example, we have built cost-to-serve models to allow companies to unlock hidden profit potential by understanding the costs involved in serving specific customers and products. These models are custom built for each client, according to their priorities and the specific complexities of each business. The clients that have benefited include a major supermarket chain, a global food ingredients supplier, and a UK based manufacturer supplying internationally through multiple channels.

Also under the supply chain consulting banner is inventory optimisation. This can form part of a wider programme of work, or be a project in itself. Our supply chain consultants use inventory modelling to establish the correct level of stock for a given situation – balancing the need to maintain a high level of customer service with the desire to minimise working capital and . The modelling can be used to define the correct stocking policy for a large range of SKUs – for example, which SKUs should be stocked in local branches and which should be held in one national centre.

In an increasingly globalised economy, the need for expertise in optimising the international supply chain has never been greater. This is a complex area, and one where regulations and best practice are subject to rapid change. We have the expertise required, and our specialist international supply chain consultants are focused wholly on this field. Examples of the types of project undertaken include customs duty optimisation, setting up customs warehousing, finding the right international freight solutions and benchmarking the costs, and advice on obtaining Authorise Economic Operator status (AEO).

A well-planned logistics network will deliver great customer service at an acceptable cost.  Service and cost are at the forefront of competitive positioning for many businesses, so getting the logistics network right is a high priority activity.  An external view from a professional logistics consultant is often sought.

One of the most common starting points for logistics consulting projects is business growth.  This can be organic or through merger and acquisition activity.  Growth may be ‘more of the same’ but often it entails expansion into new and unfamiliar territory, be this geographical or through the addition of new routes to market.

Go Supply Chain and our logistics consulting team have developed approaches and tools to define future logistics requirements, accounting for growth and the complexities of changing market conditions.

By modelling the costs and service implications of multiple strategic options, we provide the evidence to support vital business decisions.  We take a transparent approach, working closely with stakeholders to ensure the work is well understood and actionable.  We have significant experience of logistics strategy projects for clients including major supermarkets, high street retailers, FMCG and industrial manufacturers.

We design transport solutions to deliver your goods to market – based on own fleet or outsourced operations as appropriate.  We are experienced in all the major vehicle routing and scheduling packages and, specifically, have access to DPS Logix, which we have successfully used to optimise clients’ transport operations.

Our transport experience extends internationally, and we can advise the best way to serve markets across Europe and beyond, whether you are delivering full or part truck loads to trade customers or parcels direct to consumers.

If you are working with third-party providers, or looking at outsourcing, we can help you to maximise value through effective tendering, contract set-up, performance measurement and review.  Using our experience from both sides of 3PL relationships we can ensure that the risks of outsourcing are mitigated and the benefits maximised.

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