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Our objective is to deliver high quality IT solutions to customers at an agreed price and where we are totally responsible for this service.

By delivering a total solution of hardware, system software, full support covering all aspects from server to end user and daily maintenance coupled with a disaster recovery package we believe we offer a service not generally available to the 5 to 100 user market.

" We believe this success has been achieved by listening to our customers and delivering a first class service "

Managed Services

Managed Services solutions are very simple, you decide with us what your IT solution should deliver, what it should work with (the essential applications in your business) and who is to use what and how. We then come up with a proposal that re-equips your business with a totally new IT infrastructure covering all hardware, software, support, training, upgrades and just for good measure a disaster recovery package.

What you get is a system that is maintained to a very high standard throughout the term of your agreement. Utilising high speed secure links (VPNs - Virtual Private Networks, IP Clear, and so forth), we are able to offer an extremely responsive level of support to our users. These links are also established to link your offices together and to connect people you wish to work from home, if needed. This produces a low cost network for your business.

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Disaster Recovery

This aspect of the service will allow you to create an office for up to 10 people within 24 hours of you notifying Goldthorn Services of a disaster situation. You will be working on the same basic system as you have been previously with full office facilities. This service alone is generally sold for in excess of £15000 per annum. To organise larger numbers of users we will agree on an expanded plan and time-scale.

To facilitate this all you need to do is organise office space. We have even encountered business managers who agree in principal with a neighbour company that in the event of a disaster they will each act as a fall back location to each other -- thereby producing a no cost solution for premises.

Each Managed Services solution is individually tailored to each customers' specific needs, and to ensure that our plan will work in the event of an invocation we carry out test reinstalls of your system at least annually, taking nothing for granted.

So talk with us about how we can work together to improve systems and control costs.

Disaster Recovery

Support Services

With Goldthorn Services you will get more than simply a support company you gain access to a company that seeks to support your ever increasing needs with engineering consultancy, comms support and more.

This covers a multitude of activities starting with the simplest activity of deploying new equipment in a structured 'roll out' to the implementation of a complete new server infrastructure. One benefit of using Goldthorn Services to perform your on site requirements is that you are interfacing with a company that has 10 years experience of working with IT, is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and you will have the work performed by a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. You can be confident that we will fulfill your requirement with the minimum of problems.

There are many occasions when you will require 'one off' activities. The deployment of numbers of workstations, upgrades to your server infrastructure, reconfiguration of your firewall, etc, are all times when you may need extra competent hands to assist you.

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Support & Maintenance

Our method of supporting and maintaining hardware is refreshing in that we always maintain 'swap out' systems to support you. We know you cannot wait 3 days for the parts required to be delivered, so we aim to have your systems back on line in the shortest time, with attendance with spare equipment often in less than 2 hours.

Our remote, proactive, support allows us to offset many problems, sorting them out before they present as problems to your users. With the use of remote alert tools we are often able to recognise developing problems and sort them out without any down time occurring.

Because of our proactive approach to support we are readily able to reconfigure complete infrastructures from our 'spare equipment' stock, hence our ability to offer our low cost Disaster Recovery service, yet another 'tick in the box'. What you will also know is that your backups will actually restore as we carry out regular tests to ascertain this fact.

Support & Maintenance

White Papers

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Ideally it would be wonderful if we could simply put in a simple input screen and you could just enter data. Unfortunately there are too many variables and it is essential that we account for each of your specific needs.

Payment is simply a fixed amount per month.

What we have ascertained from our customers is that what we offer represents value for money and several customers are satisfied that they are saving money once they have looked into the total costs they were incurring prior to moving to a fully Managed Service solution.


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