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Good Directions Ltd is a family owned British company founded in 1988. We quickly gained a worldwide reputation for the design, manufacture and installation of Exterior Clocks, Roof Turrets, GRP Structures and Copper Rainwater Systems. Architectural features created by us can be found in nearly every city throughout the UK and in many other countries .

Not only can we fully support our own manufacturing needs after acquiring a long established engineering and fabrication company, 'Mach Engineering Ltd' in 2011, but we service many other companies and industries both locally and across the UK including work for the construction, marine, horological, motorsport, motorcycle, medical, defence and rail industries.

We continually invest in our staff, advanced software and the latest machinery to ensure we provide the most efficient and cost effective service and solution all in accordance with our ISO9001 guidelines and procedures.

Exterior Clock Manufacturer

All of our clocks are suitable for exterior or interior use and designed to be either wall mounted or housed within one of our Cupolas, Drums or Bezels. We manufacture our high quality mechanisms from brass and stainless steel ensuring years of trouble free operation. We have developed a range of control systems for automated BST/GMT changes, power failure correction and accurate time synchronisation anywhere in the world.

Our Traditional exterior clock and Classic external clock range of dials are convex in design and manufactured in colour impregnated GRP. This produces a high gloss clock face that is extremely eye catching and requires minimal maintenance. The numerals, minute and hour markers are raised off the surface of the dial and are painstakingly hand finished with the finest 23 1/2 carat gold leaf to create a truly stunning product.

Our Skeleton clock dials are generally manufactured in GRP and or acrylic. The GRP range were moulded from old cast iron dials, giving them a real sense of age and originality. These can be either left open to allow your wall surface show through or can be backed in white and illuminated for added night time visibility.

Bespoke clock dial designs can be catered for using a variety of materials including acrylic, GRP, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and even Bronze.

Bezel and Projecting Clocks

We have a comprehensive range of Bezel surrounds enabling a clock dial and mechanism to be surface mounted on any structure or wall. A standard set of GRP decorative profiles are available for dials up to 1500mm, as well as a simple Aluminium design with flat return edges for bespoke solutions.

Our standard clock drum designs are available in GRP with bespoke solutions constructed from Stainless Steel or Aluminium. All drums can be supplied with a bracket for projecting off a wall or hanging from a ceiling. Brackets are usually manufactured in mild steel and then powder coated.

Our bezel and drum surrounds have been designed to complement our range of Classic clock, Traditional clock and Skeleton Clock styles. Internal illumination, Signage panels, Sign writing, company logos and even our Electronic Bell Chiming system can be added to make it unique. For added security a protective cover glass made from impact modified acrylic can be added.

Copper Guttering

Coppa Gutta is a Trade Mark of Good Directions Ltd the only UK manufacturer of copper guttering. Our eco-friendly guttering is 100% copper, fully recyclable, from a sustainable source, easy to install and virtually maintenance-free with a life expectancy of over 100 years. Moss and lichen cannot grow on copper, keeping gutters clear and making them excellent for rainwater harvesting.

To complement our copper guttering we also have a range of products available including copper ridge flashing, valleys, soffits and fascias. We offer a comprehensive metal fabrication and machining service to the public and trade, with quality and ease of installation always at the forefront of what we do.

With 25 years of experience selling copper rainwater systems manufactured at our factory in Hampshire all our products can be delivered anywhere in the UK or exported worldwide.


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