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At Goodfellow, we specialise in supplying a comprehensive range of metals, ceramics, alloys and polymers to the research and scientific industries.

We provide our materials in both small and large batches depending on your initial requirements. Our online catalogue lists our range of materials in many forms including sheets, foils, films powder, rods and wires.

Machineable Ceramics

We can offer high performing machineable ceramics such as Macor machineable glass ceramics available as rods, bars and sheets. Macor exhibits strong, rigid and radiation resistant properties and is ideal for electrical and thermal insulation.

Other ceramics in our range include fused quartz, silica/ fused silica, boron nitride, alumina and superwool 607 HT to name a few examples.

High Purity Materials

We supply nearly all types of high purity materials from aluminium through to zinc and cover a wide range of alloys. Most of our high purity materials are available in a variety of forms including wire, rod and foils.


At Goodfellow, we provide a vast range of polymers from polyamide Nylon 6 and 6.6 types to polypropylene and polyetherimide. In addition to many familiar types of polymers, we also cover many unusual or recently developed materials.

Compounds and Intermetallics

For an excellent range of high quality compounds, we stock aluminides, sillicides and borides in addition to many other intermetallics and compounds. Most of these are made to order and are available in several forms depending on your requirements.

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